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Rosewood Steering Wheel Install

We love our classic VW Buses but when it comes to interior styling it is a bare bones affair. Looking to satisfy our desire for a more luxurious interior feel we turned again to the good folks over at Just Kampers.

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29 replies
  1. Nicole McComas
    Nicole McComas says:

    My favorite memory with VW was with my grandmother. She had a Bug and I used to spend every summer with her driving around with her. It is also the first car I learned to drive

  2. Jason Gillespie
    Jason Gillespie says:

    I bought my '64 splittie off eBay, flew to New Mexici and drove it home to California. Stil my favorite out of 13 in my lifetime.

  3. Gordon Smith
    Gordon Smith says:

    So many memories, from having a split and beetle as our gang Hut when kids as my late dad was the aircooled vw specialist and had plenty lying around to touring Newquay /Torquay in the pink n blue split with the boys or up north to Buckie in the karman ghia, delivering kebabs in the variant and now taking my kids away in the bay 😀 I think building my pink panther baja bug when I was 17 gave me the most satisfaction 👍

  4. Jen Kallas
    Jen Kallas says:

    Had to sell my bug due to hardship and my boyfriend hunted it down and bought it back for my 4th birthday

  5. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    My best memories of my VW was when I was 17 and got my first car which was a 71 beetle.. Driving that with as many friends as we could fit all over Redondo, Hawthorn, Sunset and anywhere else we wanted! Racing my other friends in their Vw's and push starting them when they wanted to break down!! F@cked up big crew was the best days of my life!!

  6. Shirlene Prestidge
    Shirlene Prestidge says:

    I think at this point, my best memory was when we went down to Galveston, Texas to buy our 1961 bus. That was a kick in the butt! Since then every time we take it for a cruise is awesome.

  7. Wayne Archer
    Wayne Archer says:

    Best memory I have is the first drive of my 1960 splitty when I first got the motor running

  8. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    My favorite memory is switching from water cooled to air cooled VW with a 59 Rat Rod Beetle and cruising it home through back roads at 50mph and watching everyone point as she rolled by. Best. Feeling. Ever. Being in no hurry to get anywhere and enjoying the ride.

  9. Kim
    Kim says:

    In love with vw sinds I was a kid I saw scoot doo on TV…The moment when my boyfriend bought his kermit green vw variant from 73′ …

  10. Kim
    Kim says:

    In love with vw sinds I was a kid I saw scooby doo on TV…The moment when my boyfriend bought his kermit green vw variant from 73′ …

  11. Bridie Newth
    Bridie Newth says:

    My most memorable moment was the first time as a kid i seen a vw bus. It was two toned red and white split window with immaculate interior. This begun my love of vdubs. I seen one similar on your page ages ago which sparked my interest in your page. The rest is history ☺

  12. John
    John says:

    My favorite memory was taking my Daughter to pick up her Girl Scout Cookies and delivering them in Phiilmore (Daughter was a Brownie when she named him) It was during the winter and there was plenty if snow but Philmore trudged through just fine to deliver the many orders, while others stayed home and delivered theirs a few days later.

  13. Caleb McCartney
    Caleb McCartney says:

    My most memorable experience was for my birthday, our friends that have a really tricked out bus let me drive it. And it was my first time actually getting to drive a bus and that was when I really knew I wanted a bus.

  14. Soren neumeister
    Soren neumeister says:

    Getting stranded in my bus because of the starter so a random guy fried helping me push start it with no avail. Then tried turning the key as a last try and she started. She is very moody.

  15. Brad Mayo
    Brad Mayo says:

    Most fun? Blackstar a few weeks ago. Before that was South Carlsbad State Beach. Any time we camp it is the latest most fun. It just gets better

  16. Paul
    Paul says:

    Totally awesome road trip to Newquay in Cornwall, it's the surf capital of the U.K. Driving Freddy our VW LT28 makes us smile 😎

  17. Sandersen
    Sandersen says:

    First ever real awakening to this cult was I fell for a 1971 VW Bay window tin top camper I purchased it from a fellow VW enthusiasts who had two others / Hoarder to the tenth degree and so he didn't need three Buses so a six pack of Heineken and a Hundred dollar bill she was totally worth it took it home tons of restoring but I still 💙 Das VW Bus like the first day we met.

  18. Maurice Sinnett
    Maurice Sinnett says:

    My best memory in a vintage bus was when I took my son for his first trip to Disneyland from Nor Cal in our 67 Splitty. He has been hooked on buses ever since. It's always nice to pass on a passion to the next generation.

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