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Content is an absolute marketing weapon

We are currently in the midst of an incredible era of entrepreneurship and online content. People are building brands that are going to be the examples we use ten years from now. While some folks are focusing on products, others are building communities as Tribes. Leadership and vision will be the keys that will help get the eye onto your content…and keep them there. The initial cost to create, publish and promote you brand is low with a huge upside. The opportunity and tools are there. But this isn't just a simple case of build it and they will come…

Our vibrant community helps you attract new users, keep current users engaged, and provides valuable feedback to help improve your product. At the beginning, getting any re-tweet or share will seem like a victory. If done right, however, you’ll find yourself quickly and exponentially growing past those initial milestones with the help our web and social media platform!

First, of all there is a really big difference between audience and community. An audience is one-way. Not interactive. Not social. An audience passively watches or reads. A passive audience doesn't participate or share with others. On the other hand, our community is a living, breathing thing. It is extremely interactive, socially mobile and organic. Sure, some folks just watch or read, but we have tens of thousands who also participate and share with their friends on a daily basis!

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With over 243K fans worldwide and gaining momentum each day, who wouldn’t want to get a piece of the action? For the growth of your business or event, Bus Junkies offers a variety of partnership services. Join Us On Bus Junkies! We have many vintage VW bus advertising options to accommodate you. We’d love for you to be part of our Bus Junkies team as well plan upcoming trips and charity outreach support across the board. Our fan site has a global reach of almost one million people and growing!! Shoot us an email, let’s chat…

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We Get Our Partners Results They Can See and Believe In!

Now we know that everyone has a unique business model, and it is proven that you need traffic to draw in the sales whether you have products or services. With over 181k fans and growing fast, and comprised of devoted owners and enthusiasts, you can be sure that you'll have highly targeted eyes on what your offering. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

VW Bus Junkies is an amazing page that helped us get our business off to a rolling start. We were just getting started with our Coffee Bus and had almost no exposure. After one feature on their page, we went from 125 page likes to 270 page likes and growing.

We now have VW friends throughout the world from Brazil to Russia to Australia. Thank you so much for everything. We appreciate absolutely everything you have done for us and the VW community. Keep up the fantastic work!!

The Coffee Bus
The Coffee BusMobile Coffee ShopThe Coffee Bus On Facebook

We at Cafe 1953 would like to thank the than at Bus Junkies for their continued support and promotion of our business and Facebook page. When we launched our Facebook page early this year Bus Junkies shared and supported it creating a rapid worldwide fan base with likes every minute to 2000 within days.

With this widespread followers Fillmore is now known worldwide and our merchandise is bought and shipped internationally Cafe 1953 again thank you Bus Junkies and all the followers for the continued support Thanks The Team at Cafe 1953

Cafe 1953Restaurant/CafeCafe 1953 on Facebook

I would like to thank Joshua and the team at bus junkies for helping us promote our UK wedding bus hire company, we found for a relatively small amount of money we dramatically increased the interest in our business and would highly recommend anybody to give these guys a try.

Paul Percival

Vintage VW Weddings
Vintage VW WeddingsWeddings & Events Buses For HireVintage VW Weddings

“We at Vintage Surf would like to thank VW Bus Junkies for their continued support and promotion of our business on their facebook page. We started our Facebook page 9 months ago and about 6 months ago VW Bus Junkies shared a post of ours that got us over 700 likes and numerous orders within 24 hours. Since that first post they have shared many others some generating over 1000 likes within days. Vintage Surf is now recognised worldwide and growing every week with merchandise being shipped internationally! We cannot thank Bus Junkies enough for their support and promotion of our business and look forward to a continued successful relationship with them.”

Thanks Guys from the Team at Vintage Surf…

Vintage SurfRetail and Consumer Merchandisefacebook.com/vintagesurfculture

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