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Saving The Blue Panel & Yellow Kombi

I heard about the blue panel van around 3 years ago, went and sussed out whether it was true, like many leads not expecting much at the end of the 1,200 kilometer journey, but there it was 1964 split panel in complete original condition, very little rust (lower nose only) dove blue, even had its front seat, only thing missing was a rear wheel). Tried to buy it back then for around the $5,000 mark, but old mate was a “gunna”.

He had bought it when he was at university in 1971 for $1,000 and it had sat since 1984. I returned each year with a little better offer but to no prevail. Finally I'd had enough and went with a bag of cash, and was able to rescue the van, once it had a bath it came up a right treat, plug a battery in all lights and indicators works (even the interior lights). Engine however was seized.

Yellow 1955′ is much the same story but a different state and 1,000 kilometers of Australian outback traveling in another direction. It had been sitting on the farm since 1982. It was not as good and complete condition as the 64′ panel, but is obviously a rarer bus. 5 hours of negotiating and 10 beers each between myself and the farmer a deal was finally came too. The farmer was paid in cash and he was happy (I think he went and bought a new tractor the next day). It got to a point of negotiation where I was paying above market value but I wasn't leaving without it on the back of my trailer.

Both are now being restored by different VW enthusiasts in Australia

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