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Phat Scooters, The Ultimate Urban Cruzer?

Our girls Susie and Lily would love to have one of these electric powered Phat Scooters for stealthy strike missions from the campsite or across town when the everything is all setup or you don't want to lose that parking spot 😀 Who else loves this idea? We are drooling! Plus you can add a Custom Print to Your Fenders & Deck! SWEET!!!


Portable BBQ Giveaway

Made of very high quality stainless steel, this barbecue is meant to last! It conveniently folds up in to a suitcase for portability and easy storage. The perfect accessory for any VW bus or Camper. It has the iconic Volkswagen Bus logo engraved on the front so that everyone can see how cool you are! They probably already knew that though ; )

Deano’s Garage

Welcome to Deano's garage. We are stoked to have a mad mechanical genius like Deano on our team! This guy can build anything and has a reputation for building great running motors, doing paint and body work and fabrication outrageous parts. He is a perfectionist and not happy unless things are “Deano Built”. Basically this means modified stock…German parts are best…even better when modified with purpose. We are all ears when it comes to our buddies advise. This stuff runs in his veins like gasoline!

Grand Trunk Hammock

“Goods For The Road”, that is the moto for Grand Trunk, and it totally makes sense.

Their products ARE the goods! We had the chance to test out our new Hammock “Skeeter Beeter Pro” camo hammock on a camping trip a few weeks ago. We love trying out new goods… Reason for Camo? Why not blend in with the campsite instead of being an eye sore!

Auto Finesse Detailing Products

For Mother’s day this year we gave our new/old Hi-Top Susie Q a makeover with the detailing products we got to review from the great folks at Auto Finesse. From cleaners to car polish, dressings to waxes they have a product to clean, restore and protect almost every surface of your classic or vintage vehicle!