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Skinner Classics Mystery Bus Unveiling

When we got word that Skinner Classics up in Vacaville, Ca. was going to do an unveiling of Mystery Bus #2, we were NOT going to miss it! The last one was a super are Kiddie land fire truck, and we believe there was only a handful ever made. Skinner did not let us down this time either…read on.

SunJack Solar Panels

We realize that driving a vintage vehicle in the modern era can offer a variety of technical challenges for even the most savvy techie. How do you keep your smartphones and electronics at full power when you probably don’t even have a cigarette lighter to adapt your gadgets to?

RUMPL Sleeping Blanket Review

They called it the Rumpl and touted it as the “world’s best blanket,” a modern blanket inspired by active lifestyles and made from the same stuff as your favorite high-end sleeping bag or puffy jacket. It totally rocks for camping in the BUS!

Biolite Campstove Bundle

We got in contact with the good folks at Biolite Stoves to find out more and after a few emails we were convinced that their product is a good fit for the VW camper/utilitarian lifestyle we crave, as well as an interesting consideration for our thousands of fans and adventurers out there! Let’s find out more.

What Do You Like To Do In a VW Bus?

We asked our fans what they liked to do in a VW Bus? There we're so many great stories and feedback, we has to make this into a blog post too! We did ask them to TRY to keep it clean! Did they do that? Read the many fun filled and hilarious comments!

3 New Bus Junkies Stickers Are Here!

As Bus Junkies, we're here to have fun, and to do so means spreading the love around. WE LOVE stickers, so it just makes perfect sense to have some crafty stickers made up so we can spread the word…here they are 3 new stickers for your delight!

Lily Is Back On The Road!

After Many months, we are stoked to say that our bus is back on the road! We're fired up at the things we'll be doing this year for Bus Junkies. It's been a long haul getting this old girl back in running condition.

Lily Come Home!

Lily is coming along. Yes, she's your typical vintage VW. Seems like there is always a few small things that keep coming up that need a fixin'. If you're a seasoned VW person, you know the drill. Find the problem…order the parts…wait for delivery…get the mechanic to install them…lol!

Meet Idle Theory Bus!

James and Rachel been living on the road full time for 3 years in their 1976 bay window named Sunshine. These two believe in the power of doing nothing sometimes, and are passionate about connecting with the wild beauty of the natural world.