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Biolite Campstove Bundle – Rolling Reviews By The Bus Junkies

Bus Junkies all need to have a little power when camping right? Heat for cooking and boiling water are necessities to have too. Have we discovered the perfect solution with these BioLite Stoves? We got in contact with the good folks at Biolite Stoves to find out more and after a few emails we were convinced that their product is a good fit for the VW camper/utilitarian lifestyle we crave, as well as an interesting consideration for our thousands of fans and adventurers out there! Let's review the Biolite Campstove Bundle.

Turning Fire Into Energy

ENERGY ECO SYSTEM 2016 – SolarPanel 5+

This awesome little panel will maximize our charge from the Suns rays. This will be crucial for keeping our cell phones, laptops and other USB compatible gadgets.  We couldn't wait to receive it, give it a test, and a review here before we take it out for some R&R and field research. Where to first with this little beauty?

Biolite Campstove Bundle

Find some twigs, wood scraps and such and you have the necessary components of fire , ready to fuel your cooking needs. The Campstove Bundle also comes fitted with Portable Grill and KettlePot attachments, totally dope! Who doesn't want to save a little space, kick back and enjoy a wood-fired camp kitchen. The Free USB FlexLight  that came included is a total bonus.

Portable Grill

This camping accessory looks very cool and utilitarian. Expand your cooking range with one of these easy to setup and use cooktop grills. It has a hatch for reloading kindling or whatever natural fire material you're using. Simply flip open the feeder lid and pop in your freshly broken twigs. With the included StickSnapper we easily snapped all types of sticks to the right size. When you're done the forged aluminum StickSnapper doubles as a bottle-opener so you can enjoy a cold one while you admire your new fire flickering. The StickSnapper is a unique well thought out tool that simply works.

We literally gathered a few twigs and branches lying around the bus and stuffed it loosely inside the burning chamber, added a piece of the fire starter stick, waited 10-20 seconds, turned the fan on and BOOM! Instant heat. We were very impressed.  And with 4 fan speed settings to choose from, all depending on how hot you need it you can literally turn this little stove into a fire vortex…just an awesome product with no canisters to haul or waste!

biolite stoves

First order of business. FRESH COFFEE! Took about 5-10 minutes to boil the water since we needed enough water for the french press. Just had to watch the fuel level as it burned, and add a bit more sticks to the now hot embers now and again.

Success with our first batch of fresh brewed coffee from a handful of twigs…goodbye clumsy and bulky fuel canisters. Another added benefit is that it burns so hot, there is hardly any ashes left to dump out. Are you convinced the BioLite Campstove Bundle is for you yet? We sure are! You can visit their website and buy your own camp stove, solar panel, or LED light setup from BioLite.

The next time you think about buying a new camping stove, we highly recommend getting a Biolite Stove, you will not only save on fuel costs & saving natural resources, but you will save on the extra weight too.

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  1. Vince Shapland
    Vince Shapland says:

    Great review. Thanks. I've been thinking of getting one of these for a while but now you have me sold. Cheers

  2. Dustin douglas
    Dustin douglas says:

    I have both the camp stove and base camp, having these together allowed me to start the base camp by simply starting the camp stove first.. The base camp fan does not kick on till the proper heat desired, therefore having the camp stove too allowed me to achieve easier start on the base camp stove… We love our biolite gear, mahalos✌🏽️

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