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Micah Claycamp AKA -Micahdoodles

About Micah Claycamp

I'm a husband, father or 4, lizard enthusiast and Christian who loves to draw CARtooned cars.  I started Micahdoodles (part-time) after I started getting requests to draw people's vehicles almost 2 years ago. It's been a wild ride as my style continues to change and develop. I draw most nights after the family goes to bed from 10pm to midnight catching up on client requests and sharpening my skills.

My encouragement for those car artists is to get involved in a car artist forum either on IG or Fb. Draw and post often and learn from others. Most of all, have fun at what you do.

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IG: _micahdoodles_
YouTube: micahdoodles
Fb: Micah Claycamp

Brent Gill

About Brent Gill

I learned to walk in sunny Florida and started to draw as soon as I could hold a pencil. I've worked with all mediums: water colors, acrylics, oils, pastels, quash, charcoal, ink, pencils and markers.  I worked as an architect for 12 years with many accomplishments under my belt but my true passion is cars and motorcycles.

A lot of my work has been featured in and on the covers of many national magazines such as : Street Rodder, Rod & Custom, Super Rod, Street Rod Builder, Hot Rod, Truckin, Super Ford, Rodders Digest, American Rodder and Street Scene. I have designed cars for the prestigious Riddler Competition (2006,2008,2012,2014), as well as National Winners for top shows. I also worked with a long list of top car builders over the years such as Boyd Coddington, Hank Young, Bobby Alloway, Steve Legens, Dave Tucci, Alan Johnson, Paul Atkins, Jessie Greening, M & M, Hercules   – even design work for the Discovery channel.

I have set my goals high, and I am working hard to reach and pass them. Hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. Visit Brent Designs on Facebook

Alice Hyde

I’m Alice (in wonderland), I live in Nottingham (home of Robin Hood) in the UK. I pursued my passion for art at Uni over a decade ago, but it’s only recently I have decided to share my love of painting with the world. If my artwork can put a smile on your face then I’m happy. You’ll see lots of VW Camper Vans, seascapes and sunsets in my work because I love them! Enjoy.

Anja Frackmann

Already as a child I knew what I would do later in life: i will do “something with art!” – that was the plan. After my studies as an art historian and my education in architectural drawing it was time to start my career as an independent free-lance artist. Nowadays – 20 years later to be precise – I create what I call “art that enlivens”. In line with what my artistic motto conveys life, vitality is the focus and the driving force of my work. I love the sun, the oceans and the mountains, my family, friends, nature and animals……in short: I love life. This love inspires everything that I do but above all it reflects in my artwork: My motives are happy and content, my colors are vivid and bright, my brushwork is dynamic – sometimes daring and strong, at times sweet and sensitive – just as life is ever changing. See for yourself and feel yourself enlivened. facebook.com/anja.frackmann

Linny D. Vine

Linny D. Vine's distinctive contemporary paintings are known for their joyful energy. Cherry blossoms in full bloom, adventures in vintage Volkswagen vans, warm curving paths that invite exploration, each building, tree, flower and being alive with it's own special personality. The hour of day and the time of season both captured at their fullest and most colorful. facebook.com/Linnyland

Johnny Jalopy Hot Rod Art

I create because I have to!…its my passion… its inside me.. it drives me! With a talent to create, passed down from my father and which I have personally worked to develop, I continue to incorporate my love of hot rods and the hot rod culture in my designs. I’m always looking to grow, create better work, and produce a better quality product. I’m continually searching for new mediums and I can be found pin-striping, painting acrylic on wood, and oil on canvas, just like my father had always encouraged. facebook.com/JohnnyJalopyArt

Evelyn Jenkins Drew

Evelyn paints bright and colorful “beachy” scenes with turquoise water, banana trees and palms that evoke the warmth of the tropical breezes of the Caribbean, California, Hawaii, and Mexico. facebook.com/EvelynJenkinsDrewWatercolorArt

Peter Tuffrey

Pete paints in oil colors, and is working on adding my classic buses to his portfolio this year. facebook.com/PeteTuffreyArtist

Lisa Nollenberger

Located in Germany. Lisa focuses is landscape painting , in particular different weather and lighting effects. She works primarily in watercolor and oil. facebook.com/Lisa.Helen.Nollenberger

Madeliene Abling

I paint what I love: adult beverages, the musical instruments of jazz, strong coffee.  I paint in a bold impressionistic style.  I love thick, juicy paint, loose shapes, the smell of the studio.  I paint because it fills me with a sense of well-being, of belonging, of total “be in the moment” consciousness.  I am never closer to myself than at those moments. ablinggallery.net/

Rob Clarke

I am a self-taught artist, so everything I have achieved with my paintings has also come with a few mistakes along the way. I assess the painting; go driving trucks for 8-10 hours, giving me a break to reassess when I come home again. This break gives me time to be (if there is such a thing) refreshed from the painting and I can see more clearly a different area that I should be focussing on. facebook.com/rob.clarke

Sketchy VW’s

My journey as a wee trike started in a small town of Hutchinson, Kansas. After a stint in the U.S. Marines I ended up in Pasadena, Ca. where I received my Associates of Art at Pasadena City College (PCC). I traveled the world after school and ended up in Wicklow Town, Ireland just south of Dublin. As a professional graphic designer / artist an outlet was needed to maintain my artistic skills and combine something of a passionate form(s). I eat, sleep and dream of classic cars, specifically VWs so it only made sense to begin with these beautiful hunks of metal and chrome. I use graphite pencils, colored pencils and markers primarily on cartridge sketch paper. My daily driver is ‘Belle’, a 1967 Beetle or Bug so the obsession runs deep. facebook.com/SketchyVWs

Stefanie Kind

I'm passionate about creating my artwork! it thrills me when others enjoy it as much as i do! i make what i dream and i dream what i make! Like her @ http://www.facebook.com/kindspindesign

Carlina Cisneros

I am an artist from México, with a graduate in arts. I've been drawing since I was a child, and now I paint every day. It is my full time job and I really enjoy it.


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  1. Danny Sulzer
    Danny Sulzer says:

    Hello Bus junkies someone at your site ask me if I wanted to be a featured artist on the site . Not sure how that works . no one has contacted me to give info
    on this yet . I'm the one that posted the monochromatic painting of the vintage bug and split window bus . if you look closer in the front of the bug there is a woman sitting inside most peeps don't catch that , I like to be one of your artist just need info on how to go about that . Thanks for asking me and yes I would love to do that ! I don't have a lot of work put together right now but I will have more soon , if your just looking for bus painting I only have 2 right now that feature buses ,but like I said I'll have more soon , Thanks again , your fan ,Danny Sulzer


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