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Bay Window Bus Parcel Tray: $150.00 Value

Fits any bus '68 to '79, deluxe or standard. Custom made here in the USA. Original look and sturdy for real world use. Powder coated black. Comes with mounting brackets and hardware. Set of 2 trays.

Optional Substitution

If you don't have a Bay bus, or would like something different, you can also choose to win the Bug map tray, roller pedal or skate shift knob in exchange for this parcel tray. (Bug and Type 3 trays are not an option )

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!! This Giveaway IS Open Worldwide

BUT, due to the higher cost of international shipping, if you are outside the continental U.S, you will be responsible for all shipping charges if you win! You still save $150, so play along….

Step 1

Like Shorty's Customs + Comment on the first post you see on their page.

Step 2

Visit Their website, look around, then report back here, leaving a comment telling us what product you'd like, need, want and what year & make VW you have? 

Step 3

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Step 4 (optional)

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Use code busjunkies to save $15 off a set of new Bay Bus parcel trays @  Shorty'sVW.com

62 replies
  1. Gary Pelletier
    Gary Pelletier says:

    Love the under dash mesh shelf. I used to have an AC unit under my dash of my 1978 bus , but recently removed it so now I have room for one of those sweet trays.

  2. Julie Schooley
    Julie Schooley says:

    That skate shift is pretty dang fabulous, but oh that parcel tray would be some icing in our be a hero bus !

  3. Nick Guevara
    Nick Guevara says:

    I want a Shorty's shirt! Haha I have the tray and if I get another bug I'd be getting a tray for sure and the skateboard roller pedal.

  4. Jason Sowell
    Jason Sowell says:

    I really like the Beetle parcel tray and Map tray. Definitely would come in handy. I owned both a '64 & “68 Beetle and hope to get another VW soon.

  5. Jeremy Schooley
    Jeremy Schooley says:

    Skate shifter is dope as well as tshirts and you can never have enough stickers! I have dark green 1978 Rivera campe…call it the Incredible Volk

  6. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    I like all of the Shorty's parts for the Split Bus and y'all make some pretty cool stickers. I personally have a 64 Single Cab and many Diesel VW's.

  7. Tyson Payne
    Tyson Payne says:

    I love the under dash parcel trays. I have a 73 VW type 2 named Virginia and all she has been needing is a dash tray. We have been traveling the country and we get so many lookers. She would sure look better with this added in.

  8. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    Could really use that dash tray for our lights, extra cup lids, mileage book, scheduling book, etc. In “Dotty, The Coffee Bus.” We have a 1971 VW type 2 converted into a fully mobile Espresso delivery service.

  9. Emelia Dernsjö
    Emelia Dernsjö says:

    I would like to win the parcel try! 😍 we have one VW bus 72 type 2, one beetle 55, one Ghia 54, and one old VW tempo ❤️😍

  10. Adrian de la Fuente Ramirez
    Adrian de la Fuente Ramirez says:

    Yo! I checked out Shorty's Customs page. I gotta say that those Bay Window Parcel TRAYS are the bomb. However, those skate wheel shifters are sick too. Great job on the swag guys!

    1975 BUS “The Dubba”

  11. Matthew Lopez
    Matthew Lopez says:

    Love the parcel trays for bugs and buses! I have a 1971 Westfalia Camper, a 1962 Double Door camper bus, and a 1969 Beetle

  12. Marc
    Marc says:

    Hello the bug map try would be awesome in my 65 bettle along with one of the sweet shirts in large. Lol thanks for the chance great products for sale

  13. Don Mahaffey
    Don Mahaffey says:

    T-Shirts look cool the only part I seen I could use is the parcel tray for my 1970 VW bus type 2.

  14. John Haible
    John Haible says:

    I love the Bay parcel tray. Much better quality than the plastic ones I have seen for more. It would be a welcome addition to my 69 Westy Campmobile! I would love a Christmas stocking too! I didn't see any Bay stacking though. 🙁

  15. Steve Deason
    Steve Deason says:

    I can't decide between the parcel tray, or the skate wheel shifter knob. Both are sick!
    I've got a 1979 Riviera Camper bus.

  16. Duane Stofan
    Duane Stofan says:

    Dig the bay window parcel tray – if my squareback was put together I might be interested in the type 3 version as well!

  17. Heidi Henry
    Heidi Henry says:

    Yesssssssssssssssssssss! the mesh parcel trays are nice. But they really are functional! I think that the Ivory one would look great in my golden delicious 74 bug! What say you?

  18. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    Would love one of those map trays..I get in Rida I lose everything..that would be awesome..but would also love to get one of the Christmas stockings..for real..peace love and hugs everyone

  19. Mike Hannon
    Mike Hannon says:

    I like your Split Window Bus Gauge Panels they are well designed and look slick.
    I need a sticker for my collection
    I want the baywindow parcel tray as I have a 1978 baywindow transporter that has had the interior switched for a gutted 1975 camper interior rendering me with limited storage space.

  20. Alan
    Alan says:

    We've got a 68 kombi bus with a early sunliner camper conversion out of California. We're from New Zealand and would love this tray for extra storage space.

  21. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Those Bay window Parcel Trays are fantastic! It would be an amazing addition to my 74 would add a lot to the look of my bus

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