January Bus Junkies Update:

Lily Is Back On The Road! After Many months, we are stoked to say that our bus is back on the road! We're fired up at the things we'll be doing this year for Bus Junkies. It's been a long haul getting this old girl back in running condition. She's had her carburetor replaced with some fresh Weber ICT carbs and new electronic ignition system from CB Performance. A new header and quiet pack exhaust was installed with custom welded heater flanges. Oh yes, she's had other things too. One of her axles was worn out so that was replaced, the only downside was that it was an EMPI brand axle, so we hope it lasts for awhile. The oil cooler was leaking, along with the oil cooler lines being shot…lol

A new clutch was installed and the flywheel was turned to be as good as new! Brakes were toast, so all new brake cylinders on all 4 sides, along with one new drum and all new shoes. I still want to upgrade down the road to a disc brake conversion setup from WagensWest. After her first road test we found that BOTH sides push rod tubes were leaking but 5 years of sitting would do that to any old bus. Well, here she is in all her glory, ready to cruz….

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    I would really like to get me another 1970 bay window, my last bus burnt up long story short. I would like to get one and set it up with some cool camping gear.

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