Rosewood Steering Wheel Install

We love our classic VW Buses but when it comes to interior styling it is a bare bones affair. Looking to satisfy our desire for a more luxurious interior feel we turned again to the good folks over at Just Kampers.

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Shocks Tie Rods and Steering Components

The first step in sourcing out the problems with your front end in our opinion is making sure you to upgrade your front and rear shocks if you have not already done so. Without good shocks you'll never achieve decent handling in a bus.

Empi Sway Bar Install

The bus wasn't designed to be a performance vehicle. There are a few popular methods used tune your suspension and after restoring the suspension quality of your ride by replacing the shocks and any other worn components you may find yourself considering sway bars.

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Accelerator Linkage

Accelerator Linkage. Upgrade your old worn out linkage kit with one of our kits, these feature precision laser cut arms with ball joint ends for a more precise smoother pedal action.

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Trafficcox Short Shifter

Although a new clutch was installed on “Lily” along with a shifter extension, it just wasn't cutting it. After extensive research we came across a high quality shifter we wanted from some cool dudes from France…the Trafficcox Short Shifter!