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Accelerator Linkage

Accelerator Linkage. Upgrade your old worn out linkage kit with one of our kits, these feature precision laser cut arms with ball joint ends for a more precise smoother pedal action.

Genuine Oil Dripper – Sourcing and Fixing Oil Leaks On Lily

genuine oil dripper

Our Lady Lily has a problem, oil leaks. You're saying “what VW doesn't?” Thought it was a simple fix of buying a new oil dip stick…NOPE! Could it be a bad case of too much crankcase pressure because the motor is shot?

Lily Come Home!


Lily is coming along. Yes, she's your typical vintage VW. Seems like there is always a few small things that keep coming up that need a fixin'. If you're a seasoned VW person, you know the drill. Find the problem…order the parts…wait for delivery…get the mechanic to install them…lol!