Deano’s Garage

Deano's Garage

Welcome to Deano's garage. We are stoked to have a mad mechanical genius like Deano on our team! This guy can build anything and has a reputation for building great running motors, doing paint and body work and fabrication outrageous parts. He is a perfectionist and not happy unless things are “Deano Built”. Basically this means modified stock…German parts are best…even better when modified with purpose. We are all ears when it comes to our buddies advise. This stuff runs in his veins like gasoline!


Renogy Lycan Powerbox – Solar Powered Generator

Lycan Powerbox, the World's First Solar Storage with Interchangeable Battery

The Lycan Powerbox is a portable solar generator that is different from the rest! This portable solar storage solution comes equipped with an interchangeable Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery, making the Lycan truly limitless.