Javacan Portable Espresso

Any traveler understands the significance of how preparing a drink for someone can bring people together. On the inside, The Java Can™ gives you everything needed to enjoy your favorite espresso drink that can be shared with those around you. But on the outside, it’s the rugged spirit of the “Can” that brings us to seek for adventure.


Hydro Flask Insulated Bottles

Hydro Flask makes double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles that are backed by a lifetime warranty. They will keep water icy cold on a hot sunny beach and serve up a hot coffee on the slopes between fresh powder turns! Your camp beers will stay frosty while you gather wood for the fire on a warm starry summer night.


NEMO Equipment Helio Pressure Shower

The NEMO equipment Helio Portable Shower rests upright on the ground and delivers the pressure you need via foot pump to wash hair, do dishes, rinse your gear, water plants, or wash dog and any other dirty camp item you can imagine.


Power Practical Luminoodle Review

Innovative Salt Lake City-based Power Practical has quickly made a reputation for making high quality and innovative products! Having great products like the Power Pot XL, the USB Practical Meter, and USB battery packs means getting and conserving power on the go couldn't be easier.

ShiftPod Festival Tents

The SHIFTPOD is a lightweight shelter system that is designed for easy transportation and weather resistance in all kinds of environments and conditions. A note of caution needs to be applied here…a lot of people are going to ask about your Moon tent and whether or not you got it from NASA lol.

Grand Trunk Hammock

“Goods For The Road”, that is the moto for Grand Trunk, and it totally makes sense.

Their products ARE the goods! We had the chance to test out our new Hammock “Skeeter Beeter Pro” camo hammock on a camping trip a few weeks ago. We love trying out new goods… Reason for Camo? Why not blend in with the campsite instead of being an eye sore!

GRAYL Water Purification

GRAYL® makes water treatment for every travel occasion. At the tap, on the trail, or when facing the uncertainty of international travel. The interchangeable filter system provides the right filtration for your lifestyle and location. GRAYL® transforms personal water filtration into something that works!

Auto Finesse Detailing Products

For Mother’s day this year we gave our new/old Hi-Top Susie Q a makeover with the detailing products we got to review from the great folks at Auto Finesse. From cleaners to car polish, dressings to waxes they have a product to clean, restore and protect almost every surface of your classic or vintage vehicle!

EcoXGear Wireless Speakers

Both the ECOXBT and the ECOCARBON and in fact many of the other products from EcoXGear are waterproof. We also tested and BUS JUNKIES approved the ultra compact ECOPEBBLE. Not water-resistant, but completely waterproof. You can literally dunk this in water until it is fully submerged.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Of course taste and nutrition are important too…let's see how these well packaged and visually appealing meals from Mountain House treat the Bus Junkies. We know these quality freeze dried foods offer simplicity and lightweight packability.

TrailKeg Growler System

Greetings friends, beer lovers, homebrewers, adventure seekers, and Bus Junkies people from across the globe. We wanted to give you an update about the cool TrailKeg unit we have been testing in collaboration with the great dudes over at TrailKeg.

Solo Stove Titan

We recently partnered up with the good folks over at SoloStove who manufacture a well-designed piece of kit we had to try! When they sent us this unit we decided to put the SoloStove to the ultimate test for Bus campers…. making the morning coffee.

SunJack Solar Panels

We realize that driving a vintage vehicle in the modern era can offer a variety of technical challenges for even the most savvy techie. How do you keep your smartphones and electronics at full power when you probably don’t even have a cigarette lighter to adapt your gadgets to?

RUMPL Sleeping Blanket Review

They called it the Rumpl and touted it as the “world’s best blanket,” a modern blanket inspired by active lifestyles and made from the same stuff as your favorite high-end sleeping bag or puffy jacket. It totally rocks for camping in the BUS!

Biolite Campstove Bundle

Biolite Camping Stoves

We got in contact with the good folks at Biolite Stoves to find out more and after a few emails we were convinced that their product is a good fit for the VW camper/utilitarian lifestyle we crave, as well as an interesting consideration for our thousands of fans and adventurers out there! Let’s find out more.


Blazecut Fire Suppression System


FIRE! One of the worst nightmares for a vintage VW owner to think about, and hopefully not have to experience. Always, when in doubt replace your old, worn, crusty or questionable fuel lines or your investment could be the next victim of engine fire.

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Trafficcox Short Shifter

Although a new clutch was installed on “Lily” along with a shifter extension, it just wasn't cutting it. After extensive research we came across a high quality shifter we wanted from some cool dudes from France…the Trafficcox Short Shifter!