Deano’s Garage

Welcome To Vintage Aircooled Engine Building

Welcome to Deano's garage. We are stoked to have a mad mechanical genius like Deano on our team! This guy can build anything and has a reputation for building great running motors, doing paint and body work and fabrication outrageous parts. He is a perfectionist and not happy unless things are “Deano Built”. Basically this means modified stock…German parts are best…even better when modified with purpose. We are all ears when it comes to our buddies advise. This stuff runs in his veins like gasoline!

Deano's Garage

Our master motor builder Deano has helped us do lots of stuff to our buses Lily and Susie so far and there's a pile of new work to go through bringing old buses back to life. He is partnering up with some body and paint folks in Santa Cruz and the Bus Junkies brothers are excited to be part of a new movement.

Stay tuned as we bring you maintenance tips and tricks as well as Deano Built motors and custom parts to make you vintage bus run better than ever! We know we are in good hands with Deano…he is meticulous about details and has been building engines and VW's for over 30 years.

While it is tragic that Susie is down, we are confident that the new build which we are participating in (built not bought hehe) will be a tight little 1641 sewing machine engine and with the old core we can dream up a larger motor in our spare time so we are ready next time this might happen. Deano has been a lifesaver and great friend to the Bus Junkies since we have known him. We hope we can return the favor 😀


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4 replies
  1. royce ng
    royce ng says:

    I would like to purchase a 1979 VM Microbus sliding door (if possible complete with glass and accessories) Right hand Drive. Please revert if anyone or the yard have. Thanks.

  2. Trisha Horimoto
    Trisha Horimoto says:

    Hi friends!!! We are looking to sell our 1976 Volkswagon Riviera Camper Van with Costa Rican plates. Do you have any recommendations on places to post to find her the very best home??? Thank you!

  3. randall Hernandez
    randall Hernandez says:

    Deano is a great guy! Found him on Samba looking for bug parts for my 59′. He had what i needed the best customer service. He is a true VW enthusiast, and cares.
    Thanks Deano!
    Dr. Bondo

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