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Yes it’s Waterproof!

EcoXGear Wireless Speakers rock the party! Both the ECOXBT and the ECOCARBON and in fact most of the wireless products from EcoXGear are  waterproof. Not water-resistant, but completely waterproof. You can literally dunk this in water until it is fully submerged. I certainly would not suggest that you routinely submerge the speaker in water but the point is that if you are caught in a rainstorm or if you have the speaker outside poolside and it accidentally gets knocked into the water, it will shrug off the water and won't be damaged.

To be clear, this speaker is not intended to be used underwater… it just happens to be waterproof which makes it a perfect speaker to have outside during camping trips, picnics, or whatever. We also tested and BUS JUNKIES approved the ultra compact ECOPEBBLE another of the EcoXGear wireless speakers available. The speaker cases are strong and durable with a polycarbonate case and rubberized outer shell. This makes it very grippy when carrying and therefore not prone to slipping out of your hands. Couple the rubberized surface with the handles integrated into the speaker, you've got some solid little speakers.

The top of the EcoXGear wireless speakers have on/off buttons, bluetooth buttons, volume rocker buttons and handsfree buttons. Sadly you cannot change tracks from the speaker with the XBT, nor can you initiate a phone call, use SIRI or voice commands. You can't even play/pause music from the speaker. That's hard to believe but is how it is. The EcoCarbon model adds a few more controls and might be a worthy upgrade!

Pairing the speaker to a bluetooth device is simple. Not only is it simple but the speaker will remember up to 9 different devices. For instance, if you pair the speaker with your iPhone and then at a later time pair it with your laptop, it will remember the iPhone the next time you are within range of the iPhone. The speaker will always want to pair with the last used device when the speaker is turned on and the last used device is within range. Otherwise, if another device that has previously been paired with the speaker is within range and has it's bluetooth turned on, the speaker will connect to that device. It works quite well but unfortunately it is not possible to simply cycle from one device to another using the bluetooth button on the speaker. You must first disconnect a device then reconnect with the other device.

Another great feature of EcoXGear wireless speakers is the built-in speakerphone. It's really amazing to me that it works as well as it does. If you are paired with your smartphone and you receive an incoming call, the phone will ring through the speaker. Simply pressing the phone button on the speaker connects your call through the speakerphone of the speaker. The impressive noise cancellation of the speakerphone does an excellent job and provides surprisingly clear sound to both parties.

EcoXGear wireless speakers also has an auto-off feature to conserve battery life. If no activity is occurring through the speaker for 10 minutes, it shuts itself down. This is a great feature that extends the already impressive up-to-10 hour battery life of the ECOXBT.

On the backside of the speaker is a small cover that provides access to the aux-in and USB ports. A lanyard is provided to attach to the cover so it remains with the speaker. This helps ensure you don't misplace the cover when you remove it to gain access to the USB and aux-in ports. The cover has a silicon o-ring around it as well as two plugs that fit into the aux-in and USB ports to provide a waterproof seal. It is important therefore to always make sure that the o-ring is clean and that no sand, dirt or other contaminants impede the seal otherwise the speaker will lost it's waterproof qualities.

A carabiner clip is provided and is used to hook into a nylon loop on the backside of the speaker. This enables you to attach the speaker to something, like a backpack.The speaker sounds pretty good for the price and purpose. Sure, it lacks some bass and I did get a sense of some harshness in the sound quality but for the price and taking into consideration the fact that it is waterproof, has a built-in speakerphone and 10-hour battery life, this is one heck of decent package at a very reasonable price.

I really enjoy the fact that this speaker is solid, durable and can be tossed around with little regard to harming it. The polycarbonate base with rubberized cover and the substantial steel grill makes it feel almost indestructible. Because it is charged via USB, you can really extend the already useful battery life of the radio by taking along a portable battery backup.

I was impressed with the both ECOXBT and ECOCARBON bluetooth speakers. They are well-made, have decent sound and great battery life. The fact that it also has a built-in speakerphone only adds to the value. It may lack some bass and the maximum volume won't blow the roof off the joint, but it is versatile, waterproof, virtually bomb-proof and is a great “take it anywhere” portable bluetooth speaker that you don't have to coddle.

Designed in the U.S.A. to be the world’s most rugged and reliable portable Bluetooth speaker, the EcoCarbon will accompany you on all your adventures. The EcoCarbon has passed the rigorous Military MIL81OG environmental tests –from surviving submersion in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes to a sandstorm in a desert with temperatures up to 140° Fahrenheit, and even being repeatedly dropped from 6 feet. The EcoCarbon is the answer for those looking for wonderful sound in a go-anywhere speaker.

Play the music you love wirelessly via any smartphone, tablet, or computer up to 33 feet away (distance may vary). The waterproof IP68 rating of the EcoCarbon means you can take your speaker anywhere without the worry of dropping it in water. Enjoy your EcoCarbon at home, work or play. We’ve even got the night-time adventurers covered – with the EcoCarbon’s bright LED integrated flashlight you’ll light up the party.

The Bottom Line

THE GOOD Both the Grace Digital Ecoxgear Ecoxbt and the Ecocarbon are compact, outdoor-oriented wireless Bluetooth speakers that have a waterproof design, are easy to carry around, and play loud for their size. They has speakerphone capabilities and delivers over 12 hours of battery life from the built-in rechargeable battery.

THE BAD Sounds a little thin on the Ecoxbt and a little more substantial on the Ecocarbon. The ultra compact EcoPebble is a great carry anywhere piece and with suction cup mount it mounts anywhere as well. We had minor Bluetooth connection lag with the pebble but it was nominal.

THE BOTTOM LINE These affordable and rugged Grace Digital Ecoxgear deliver waterproof designs andgreat prices make them our go-to wireless speaker for pool parties, beach trips in the BUS, and any other wet environments. 

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  1. Sarah Langwith
    Sarah Langwith says:

    Thank you for a concise and very readable review. I will be adding these to my shopping list for summer tours: much better than leaving the doors open when cooking on the grill outside

  2. Javier
    Javier says:

    What an awesome product guys really like what your doing here!!! Keep up the great work!!!!! Hang loose!!!! Cheawwwwww!!!!

  3. Doreen
    Doreen says:

    We have several ranging from the big daddy to the mini. We love them. Now we need a solar charger!!!

  4. Bertina
    Bertina says:

    What a cool product!!
    Do you know if these are available in the Netherlands? (haven't found a Dutch shop on the internet).

  5. Natasha Bargeton
    Natasha Bargeton says:

    Totally love the idea of this little beaut perfect for a sunny afternoon in our 1975 bus .. It's on my shopping list xx

  6. Baywindow76
    Baywindow76 says:

    i can dance in the rain now……Completely water proof, no more worries, Bose can stay at home.

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