Empi Sway Bar Install

Bolt On Handling from Our Sponsors at Just Kampers

Fitted to our 69′ Weekend Westy and 71′ Bay Adventurewagen

The bus wasn't designed to be a performance vehicle. There are a few popular methods used tune your suspension and after restoring the suspension quality of your ride by replacing the shocks and any other worn components you may find yourself considering sway bars. This seemed like a logical choice to us as we live in the mountain area of Santa Cruz and have quite a few twisties in our daily drive. Also, our hitop Susie Q was desperately needing some shoring up from being buffeted by the coastal winds and the habit she had of diving in turns. The EMPI HD front and rear sway bars vastly improves roadholding and stability particularly for Adventurewagens.

We went with the good old EMPI sway bar  because we know they make good stuff and EMPI is a cornerstone of the VW aftermarket for parts and accessories. We ordered our from our guys at Just Kampers in the UK as they always treat us right. Constructed of high grade spring steel, each EMPI sway bar is made precisely for each application on a CNC bending machine. The kit included all poly bushings and install hardware for the rear. The rear part number is JK PART NUMBER: J11261 OEM PART NUMBER: 00-9610-0 and the front is JK PART NUMBER: J11278 OEM PART NUMBER: 211411309B.

  • Zinc Plated
  • Urethane Bushings Included
  • Hardware Included

Our girls Lily and Susie Q are riding pretty now with this nice bolt on upgrades from EMPI. One small thing to note about the EMPI rear sway bar design is that it hangs lower in the center. Not sure if this will cause issues for people that like to go off-road but it's something to consider. Our thoughts are that this bar could protect your nosecone in the event you are exposing your belly to any potential hazards. Quality and fit of the EMPI sway bar were excellent and installation was fairly easy. Having an extra set of hands would definitely make life a bit easier if you can find a helper. Simple assembly of the brackets and bushings at the shock tower and a few holes to line up and drill before installing the front brackets and bushings. Install time about 1-2 hrs for each bar. Please note – When fitting the front HD sway bar you will need to reuse your original mounting clamps or order new OEM style ones but all the poly bushing you need are provided.

Benefits – 
Really cuts down on roll in turns especially in the mountains.
Improved stability and resistance to crosswind.
Less understeer with a better more neutral feel as the vehicle remains more level.
We used in conjunction with EMPI H/D front bar for added handling!


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