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Grayl Ultralight Water Filtration Bottle & Bus Junkies Sticker Collaboration Weekend Giveaway Is Live For 3 Days Only!!!!!


The Killer Package – 1 Ultralight Purifier Bottle + 1 Replacement Purifier Cartridge + 1 Collab. Grayl / MiiR Howler Insulated bottle.


Grayl Water Filtration Cup

[ONE PRESS] purification and filtration.

Whether you're filling up at a sketchy hotel sink in Peru, on a gnarly trail needing to drink from a dirty stream, or at home preparing a disaster kit – the Ultralight has you covered!

Global travel + outdoor adventure + EMERGENCIES

GRAYL‘s innovative Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle purifies water fast and easy. It removes pathogens that make you sick (bacteria, protozoa and virus) plus many chemicals and heavy metals, as well as silt and sediment. GRAYL‘s ultimate package is rounded out with

  • an extra Replacement Purifier Cartridge and (each cartridge lasts for 300 uses (40 gallons or 150L).
  • GRAYL‘s co-lab Miir Howler Bottle – double walled to keep your choice of beverage ice cold!


With [ONE PRESS], the Ultralight offers the ultimate protection against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa), particulates, chemicals and heavy metals.

The collab. Grayl / MiiR Howler is 32 fluid ounces, ½ the size of a standard growler. Vacuum insulation keeps purified water (or beer) ice cold for up to 24hrs; flip-lock lid locks carbonation (beer) tight and prevents leakage.


  • Thermo 3D™ double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Stays cold for 24+ hours and hot for up to 12 hours
  • Does not sweat
  • Perfect Seal™ Engineering
  • Hardshell Powdercoat

MIIR_Howler 2


Designed for minimalists seeking the ultimate in convenience, portability and performance; the Ultralight is the perfect compadre for walking the globe, traversing a trail, adventure travel, or whitewater descents — anywhere!

10+ Pack Of Bus Junkies Stickers

We'll be picking 2 winners!

An assortment of stickers from our own and from our partners. Plenty of fun times ahead getting your sticky on!  🙂


***NO PURCHASE NECESSARY*** Follow these easy steps below to enter! Takes less than 5 minutes.

We'll pick one winner the following Monday morning!




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27 replies
  1. Cally Smith
    Cally Smith says:

    These water filter systems look awesome! I am impressed by the size and amount of gallons they can filter!

  2. Brydee Lee
    Brydee Lee says:

    I love the cool vw stuff because i love vw's but also because i can pop on there grab something for my self and also for my kids. It caters for everyone. Ive also completed all steps above

  3. Theresa Christie
    Theresa Christie says:

    I have GOT to get me a Busbeque!!!!! I love to grill and I love VW busses…..perfect combo!!!

  4. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    I gotta get one of those shift pods.. those look like they would be awesome for festival's..birds fest again in September..gotta get me one..

  5. Theresa Christie
    Theresa Christie says:

    oh and I would still love to see more gear for littles….trying to raise some future fans over here LOL Keep up the great work guys 😉

  6. Doreen Ooms
    Doreen Ooms says:

    Just checked out the TrailKeg!! Now that's a must have! My husband walked in while I was checking out their video, “we need a couple of those!” I take that as permission to purchase. 😁

  7. martin
    martin says:

    I realy enjoy this place !!! So much cool stuff for vanning people !

    Thanks a lot and enjoy the ride 😉

  8. jacob fourzan
    jacob fourzan says:

    I like the cool VW stuff family. They are very nice and generous. They donated a raffle prize to my charity show this year. It was completely unsolicited and very generous.

  9. Kima
    Kima says:

    Of all you “extra loves” the blaze it fire suppressant system impressed me the most. Too many of our lives, histories and homes have gone up in flames on the side of the road. That is a must have for me now- Ruby the majic bus may not serve as my full time home now, but she is my oldest and dearest friend, a family member. I also will say that while I totally understand the many like-share-comment request you made to participate in the giveaway, it was a challenge for this oldish hippie chick. Worth the effort, just for a chance at the cool and practical valuable prizes! And now I have a Instagram account, too! Love and peace from Montucky!

  10. Kima
    Kima says:

    Also – And once again I have failed to defeat my nemesis, auto correct! Argh! Blazecut fire suppressant, dang blast it! Think it should be on every bus junkie's must have list.

  11. Scott
    Scott says:

    Interested in a fire suppression system for my panel that is almost complete, would love some info. Mailing list joined✌

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