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Hover Over to Like and Follow Ashl3y

Bus Junkies Model Ashl3y Kay

Hi I'm Ashley 🙌 I'm an aspiring Model and proud Barista from the Pacific Northwest.

I'm 5'7. and a huge Bus Junkies Fan! 😍😎💙🌊☀🐬👙👣


Rosewood Steering Wheel Install

We love our classic VW Buses but when it comes to interior styling it is a bare bones affair. Looking to satisfy our desire for a more luxurious interior feel we turned again to the good folks over at Just Kampers.

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39 replies
  1. Richard
    Richard says:

    Thank you for the chance of free stickers , recently bought a 74 pop top ( modified ) in need of work , can't wait to get it finished , QLD Austraila , hoping to get around and as much as of my country as I can in my Bus .
    Thank you

  2. Antje
    Antje says:

    Waiting for my T1 …want to bomb it with new stickers.

    I'm dreaming of getting both

  3. Ashton Nelson
    Ashton Nelson says:

    My most memorable experience was in my 79 Beetle with the top down cruising on Pensacola Beach, Florida with the music turned up loud and my friends with me. I was high on life! Now I have a 71 Bus and still very high on life, but miss my beetle. VW on!

  4. Heather Carroll
    Heather Carroll says:

    Would love to win those awesome stickers! Owning a VW bus has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember!

  5. Cheryl jackson
    Cheryl jackson says:

    My most memorable experience was
    When I was about 13yrs old and my brother dad and I travelled around the south coast of the U.K. Camping on the way and one morning was woken by the army to say we had parked up for the night in an access road for tanks lol and a tank was waiting to get through lol good days 🙂

  6. Jim
    Jim says:

    When I was in the Air Force in Omaha I was the proud owner of a 1965 V W micro bus this was in 1969 – 73. I was going through an intersection in Omaha and a car hit the rear passage tire, the van rolled twice, I grabbed tne passenger seat and rolled with the van. The van came to rest on the roof and I kicked the door out and was glad not to have a single scratch, but the van was totaled, I loved that van…..

  7. Renee
    Renee says:

    Bus Benifit for the Phoenix burn survivors. Also knows as buses by the beach held in Michigan was a spectacular and amazing turn out. We all had so much fun and became one large bus family. I still talk to my friends I made there and I plan on going again.

  8. Rosa hickson
    Rosa hickson says:

    Hey y'all ..it rosa from the ark mo line..thank s for the chance for them there stickers again..Peace love and hugs..

  9. Pedro Agostinho
    Pedro Agostinho says:

    Probably the most memorable experience that I had with my Bay, was the time I parked to close to the beach… and in the morning when I woke up, my bay was surrounded by water. It was scary at first, but my fridge was packed with beer, so in the end all was good!
    Now gimme those stickers because my Lady need some new stickers! eheheh 😉

  10. Stacie
    Stacie says:

    I really like the large blue and white backpack, and the duffel bag and the beach towel…oh heck with it, one of everything would be awesome!

  11. stephanie
    stephanie says:

    I love the blue and white large back pack….matches my blue and white bus lunch box and pencil case!!! My husband may be shopping on here for xmas!

  12. Doreen Ooms
    Doreen Ooms says:

    Super prizes again this week. Love the Coolstuff website. On my list is the kids tent and definitely the adult tent. Of coarse the other items such as back packs are great to give to the kids to lack their stuff for sleepovers with us,their Oma and Opa! Beep Beep!!

  13. Jason Sowell
    Jason Sowell says:

    I like the parcel trays for the Beetles and Bus.I really like the Map tray, that would come in handy as well. I had at one time an '64 and '68 Beetle. I am working on getting another VW soon.

  14. Tammi Borland Hayes
    Tammi Borland Hayes says:

    I LOVE THE PARCEL TRAY! We have a 1969 bay window and I would love to have this in our bus! It would come in so handy!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me win! Good luck to everyone! ✌🏻️

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