Kelley Park 2016

Our First Show Featuring Our 1969 Bus Lily

One of the best shows of the year, and a first for Bus Junkies featuring our own bus. We were pretty stoked to finally be in the lineup of vintage VW's, and represent our brand at the show! Waking up at 4:45 a.m. was a bit rough, but we heeded the call of duty, and loaded up our gear into the bus…along with the 12 pack of beer…hehe. The first leg of the journey had us going up and over Highway 17, which is one of the most dangerous in California! Slow and steady won the race as we made it safely over into the “Valley” below.

Kelley Park 2016

We waited nearly an hour before being rewarded in the form of revving aircooled motors and movement towards the front entrance gates. That's OK, because there was plenty of Bus Porn where we were..just look below!!!!  hehe

It was gonna be a hot day that day, and we were lucky enough to get a spot in the shade all day! First order of business was breakfast, compliments of Mountain House. They make that freeze dried camp food in the pouches…we actually think this is some pretty damn good grub. Check them out for yourself at Mountain House.

We cooked up the meals in our Biolite Campstove, which make short work of heating up the 2 cups of water in 5 minutes, all using sticks and twigs…WOOT! Take a peek at this stove and more @ Biolite!

Ready for action! We cruised around snapping photos while the lighting was still good, and saw some pretty amazing rides cruzing in and parked about. Never enough time to enjoy all the unique details of so many amazing vehicles in one place. Fast forward a few hours and we are hanging out with local folks, other owners and enthusiasts for most of the day. Glad we had shade because man it was HOT!!!

Kelley Park 2016

We gave out over 100 stickers that day to those who stopped by to check out Lily and chat it up with the Bus Junkies. We wanted to hang with some buddies and decided to cruise home taking Old Santa Cruz Highway, a much more scenic, slower paced and shady road than hoping we make it back up Highway 17! We stopped near the top to check on our buses, tighten a few bolts, talk about why our shit leaks so much oil and parted ways…

It's always bittersweet to end such an awesome day like that, but it we were glad to make it home safe and sound, and with stories and memories that will live on.

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  1. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    I would love Kelley park..I been trying to find the owner of some land in these hills he has 2 ld bus's..I gotta have one..

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