Sean Roden‘s 57’ SC

Sean Roden's 1957 Single Cab is a true survivor! She's super solid as most high desert cars are, and is a treasured addition to Sean's family. Loved by the kids and she has won a best display of show award at a precious metal car show this last summer. This old girl has been on a few adventures. What started out as a humble Pacific rail road run about, was sold at action to a cattle rancher, 1957 single cab, used for many years on a 5000 acre ranch for a feed truck. He would start it up and put it in 1st and let her go. He would ride in the bed and toss off bails of straw and hay. Then sold as a sunrise birthday present to a man for his fiftieth bday. He drove her in Elko Nv until the highway patrol said he couldn't, due to the alpine gears. 573s… Top speed was 47 MPH.

I bought her when he was 75. OVP has treated me well, with lots of help from Eric Zitsman of nor cal relics, Greg Urrita of Bad dog racing, Robert Skinner of Skinner classics for a few parts and help not to mention Damon Dayton, Alex Foster, nasty Nick and Kevin the key master. I built the engine, I built the canopy, I painted her and drove her in the Shasta snow trip. She “old blue” is her name is one of my daily drivers in our business. A preservation company for for closed homes for banks, all over nor cal. From sac to the Oregon border and the coast to Nevada.

She has hauled scrap metal , lawn mowers and is used as my camper, as you can see in some of the photos at Sonoma race way and the high lakes in nor cal. Along side Jeremy Leonard as well. I love this life. Live and breath VW's. And am building a 65Ez camper for my wife for the SST as you read this.

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