1959 T1 Travel Kombi

An airbrush and an artist with brush and paint, Danny – owner and founder of Schramm's work – has outdone himself with this VW T1!  He has managed to create a  tangible gateway with the emotions and style of the 50's and the technology of today! Thus satisfying the purists and helping in part to keep the charm of the former red fire bus. The circumstances that brought the T1 to their hands is a unique piece of history in itself . When the fire brigade was called to the ministry in 1959 , one would not have expected that this Bulli more than 50 years later, still flying its service colors would perform as a traveling office , a lounge and cocktail bar, and thus experience its second life.

VW bus Year 1959 – Condition perfect . He is a bright red and a multi talented exhibition vehicle, show car , high-tech office and bar in one . A T1 dream meeting all requirements . This lovely vintage bus will go on tour next year. At large tourism fairs it sits between the giant stands of the major tour operators as a showcase for Kurzurlaub.de . In the summer he visits many seaside resorts a spreads good moods and inspires many curious faces.

From the outside and inside and keeping with the 50's theme it is coupled with comfort and the right holiday feeling. Timelessly elegant features and wooden floors, Alcantara leather on the walls, and a custom lounge decorated in shades of brown nappa leather. B & S has built an impressive and visually unsurpassable bar provided with high-tech audio video for the right sound and look. In the lounge, the two side doors monitors were installed and the navigation supplied with technology via the in cab iPod. In the lounge, a wood floor was used and bamboo was used to create indirect lighting of a special kind . The nappa seat are implemented in the colors Terra, Helios and natural brown.

Cocktail Bar : 2 x 12 volt refrigerators painted in red , a milled variety of cups and bottle holder made ​​of acrylic and illuminated with LEDs. Again, there are hidden details like an audio -in in the tray and a remote control for the bartender. The highlight is the extendable and fold-able desk which certainly performs his duties on handmade bamboo stands.

The audio system consists of an Alpine Marine radio with two hard-wired and a wireless remote control and USB ports in the side panels and of course an electronic megaphone. In addition, several batteries , dozens of meters of cable , plenty of on- and OFF switch and an outboard port were used. In party mode, this port supplies the entire plant with energy.

  • Cocktail bar in the trunk
  • Functional lounge to relax
  • Extending counter
  • 12 volt mini – refrigerators
  • Milled acrylic cup & bottle holders
  • Remote & extra switch

Multimedia repertoire:
Mac Mini to 12 volts
iPad as a navigation center
Printer, keyboard, wireless router
23 inch Samsung monitor
19 inch door monitors
Alpine Marine Radio incl . Remotes
Hidden inputs / outputs and more.



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