Kenneth Hagenaers 1961 Bus #847847

It came out of the factory on the 5th of October in 1961, and was then sent to Gebr. Bachert for 1 month for a ‘restyle' and it was turned into a fire bus. Then she was in service from 1961 to 1992 at the Freiwillige Feuerwehr from Idstein Ehrenbach. During this period plenty of upgrades were installed (bigger mirrors, bigger lights, etc..) on her.

She was sold without the service interior but with ladder and blue beacon. Late 90's a '68 Westafalia interior was installed without the cooking Island though.  (if anyone has one; I'm very interested 😉 ). In 2001 a new 1600 engine was installed with an 12V upgrade for our own safety in modern traffic. The Original 1200 engine is still in good shape.

In 2013 it was finally time for a good restoration at the usual rust spots…

I've been to plenty meetings across Europe with her, and she has won prizes at Spa-Francouchamps bug show 2000 (Top 20) and Super VW Beachweek 2001 (Top 5 vintage).

Of course the holidays with the kids are always a success and a pleasure! Best regards and keep up the nice work! Kenneth Hagenaers…Junkie to the bone!!

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