Eric van Dooren’s 1967 Panel Hi Top

Eric van Dooren and his team from the Netherlands are building this EPIC hi top panel and sent us the pictures in progress! The bus was completely stripped to bare metal and lots of new panels are welded in. After that I took it to Spikes paint shop were Andy did the amazing paint job. We notched it and put tubs in to lower the bus.  Type 3 gearbox with straight axle and modified bus drums. 2, 4 liter Porsche 914 engine with Porsche cooling. Built by ahnendorp in the late 1980s. Whatever style you think willibald fan shroud.  Csp discbrakes and dogbackbeam 3 inch narrowed beam. Completely new build interior SO42 style. Ambulance fan and Barndoor steering wheel…

Well that's so far the ideas for the building. Sure it's gonna be a complete car for the 2015 show season, which in my thoughts will start on VoWo 2015. Enjoy and stay tuned for updates!

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