Matthew Wheelers 1967 Splittie Find

1967 split window found on Craigslist. If you live in Maryland you will see it heading to and from the beach all summer! Over the last two years I have ran an ad on Craigslist looking for an affordable drivable split window. I have 4 kids 8 & under and I wanted them to have the bus experience growing up. A VW collector about 2.5 hours from me replied, he had acquired numerous vw's over the years and had already given his kids pick of his collection. The 67′ I now have was purchased with his kids in mind. My bus was lightly restored back in 2000. It has 36,700 original miles, all original seats, motor, gauges. It ran and just needed a mechanical go-through because it was stored 12 years ago and wasn't driven on the road until 8 weeks ago.

I took it to Dicks Autohaus in Wye Mills MD and had the motor gone through and safety check end to end. They told me the brakes were likely the original factory brakes. There were no pads left on two and down to bare metal (all new now). Motor had tune up and fluids changed. You will see a pick of my buddies pushing the bus because the battery was weak and it was cutting of when stopped. Top end of carb had issues staying open/closed.

As soon as I got the bus I ran ads looking for a rack and in the first week a guy responded and had one sitting in his barn for 20 years.


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