Marcus Magnussen’s 1972 Hi Top

Hi sending some pictures of my highroof, better late then never =). Its actually a 1972 deluxe bay thats been converted into a highroof and the new roof is made of steel !!!. When I got it all the deluxe parts were gone and the windows were smashed. Brought it home on a trailer during one of the worst storms in a 100 years here in Sweden, trees were falling over the road and with a car on the trailer as high as this one it was quit scary!! After a garage swap I started with the lowering because a car this ugly need do be slammed =). We call it the “UMF Bus” , as in Ugly Mother Fucker hahaha!

In the front im building a narrowed beam with “franke” side plates that places the beam 18cm higher in the chassie. In the rear theres a new kick up to the frame and adjustable spring plates from “franke”. The grafitti paint was made by a local artist during our VW meeting her in östersund in the north of Sweden. This winter im finishing the suspension and steering and building a new interior that will work for camping with my family of five people.

Cheers //Marcus

Stay Tuned For Updates Coming This Spring…

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