1975 Bay Window by Choppa Jason Lillee

This is my 1975 bay. It runs a 2276cc Red Nine front end  and was built in sunny Western Australia. She really is a head turner and seem to get a trophy at all the shows. I didn't build her to be a show car I guess I'm a bit fussy with my work hehe. I'm in Bunbury Western Australia. Id love to come to California. We have the same sort of weather and beach life here too. I built her completely by myself and have now started building a 1974 bay panel van.  Chip Foose commented on my paint job once. Maybe its why he painted his rig in the same color combination hehe! She was pretty rough and rusty as you'll see by the pics. Its my first panel and paint job I've ever done . I think is came out OK. I used House of color Tangelo its pretty tricky to use. My dream is to build cars full time so if you know anyone looking for a nice van send em my way.  Anyone keen to have a van built like this let me know!It's another sunny day here…guess it's back to work. Cheers!

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