Lorrie Koenings 1976 Westy Named Nesta

Back in July of 2014 I learned that my chiropractor fell and broke his neck! When he was able to work again he told me during my adjustment that had he broke his neck 2 inches further that he would have died!  HOLY CRAP…. so he started talking about bucket list. He was telling me that he is gonna start looking at buying one of his favorite cars. I proceeded to tell him about mine! A VW  WESTFALIA! He told me the best man from his wedding has one! I said REALLY?

Do you think he would want to sell it? He called him and he said if he found the right people he would consider selling it! When we went to go look at it it was like an interview! So we waited for his call and his decision…did we pass were we hired? LoL! He called about 4 or 5 days later! Yes he would sell it to us! The rest is history! We love our bus named “Nesta” my husband and I fight about who gets to drive! It's like shouting out “SHOTGUN”!

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