Andy Gipsons DD a 1967 Double Door Panel

This is DD, a 1967 Double Door Panel. Her date of production is 8/2/66 and she was shipped to San Francisco CA. What I gathered from previous owners is that I am the 5th registered owner. The first owner drove her up and down the coast from Canada to Mexico (as seen in the pic of her passenger side cargo door). I’m not sure of the time the first owner had her or much about the second owner.

The third owner bought her in late 2010 and must have pulled her from a field as when we restored part of her cargo floors there was a ton of rat poo and weeds/dirt in her belly pans. He had her shortly; sold her and bought her again and then I bought her March 2012. She was never registered in the one of the other owner’s name, which is why I was the 5th registered owner in 6 sales.

The Restoration…

When doing a partial restoration, we discovered someone had cut windows in her. The owner I bought her from removed the windows and welded in donor panels to restore her. In January 2014 we discovered she must have been in a front end collision as we found damage to her front end area and a possible replacement nose.

DD has been on 5 Shasta Snow Trips (3 with Lita and I and 2 times with previous owner). Since buying her we have rebuilt the engine (1641 single port with an Engle 100 cam), had her tranny rebuilt, had the wiring gone through so everything works right, replaced most of the front end (not the beam), redid the Westy interior (Lita), and replaced her tires from the bug tires she came with to 215/75/15 Goodrich T/A KO’s. DD is not only a Shasta bus, but our daily driver as well as a moving van, lumber hauler, garbage hauler and whatever else we can fit in her; a true panel and camping bus for our little family.

In February 2014 our good friend Alex Foster logo’d her as I always wanted a Coke-a-Cola themed bus. I dropped her off with him and as soon as he saw her Anti-Hero can cozy we had on the tach (came with the Anti-Hero skateboard we got my son for 8th grade graduation) he knew that HAD to be her logo. The finished product is what you see today and she has come a long way from when she was bought in 2012. DD will never be sold or traded and will always be permanent member of the Gipson/Chang VW family.

The Adventure Continues…

We look forward to many camping trips this year; local shows, Yosemite, and a partial route of Airhead Parts Treffen VW cruise.

Thank you Bus Junkies for the opportunity to have DD as a featured bus. Andy and Lita

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