Jans 1960 bus named Bo from Germany

Here is a bit of info about my bus. I purchased this 1960 bus in France in 2006. Had the idea to ride it as is, but discovered shit loads of problems pretty soon. As I lived in London at that time I had to bring it to a body shop, they discovered even more including some professionally hidden accidents…. It became a full resto for over 5 years.

Whenever I had saved some money brought it to the shop.  After I had it back in 2010 I started to built the interior in my parents garage. Pretty pleased with the end result. The bus is sporting a 2 liter Type 1 engine, Porsche disc brakes all around and some other gimmicks like a Creative Engineering steering rack. Have a lot of fun with some other local bus junkies and v-dubbers in summer, even though Northern Germany isn't sunny California 😀 I have more info on my blog: http://www.slammedsixty.blogspot.de/

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