David Coveleys 1972 cross over bay named Burt

We love restoration stories, they are inspirational and full of flavor. Here is Davids story in a nutshell. I brought my bus back in 2006, and began a full restro project. I first caught the bug for VW's back in 1998, when i wanted to play around with cars and buy performance parts, and ended up buying a 1970's 1200 Beetle due to the amount of parts you could get for one.

I loved taking to shows and meeting and camping with VW alike people. I still own that same beetle now, and then I took a fancy for VW campers, and found an ad for a bus in Volksworld, which was a few hours down the road from me. I struck a deal and ended up buying my bus, at the time not really know much about them but having trained as a  mechanical car engineer and having rebuilt my beetle, I just knew i can do this project too…

This bus has a clean And Painted Dash, New Carpet, Empi Shifter, A Few Extra Gauges, And A Nice Wooden Steering Wheel. Rock N Roll Bed, Sink Unit, And Spare Wheel Box And Over Head Storage. Nice looking interior David!

  • 1641 AJ Engine
  • C25 Scat Cam
  • Straight Cut Gears,
  • Scat Push Rods And Tubes
  • Full Flow Oil System
  • Fram Hp1 Filter
  • Twin Weber ICT Carbs
  • 009 Dizzy And Electronic Ignition
  • 8mm Flame Thrower Leads
  • Full Stainless Steel Quiet Pack Exhaust
  • Race Heat proof Wrapped
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