Cikan Vuz Owned By Diane Michna

The Quaint Gypsy Wagon

I have had VW's since I was 13.  My first was a beat up old 61 ragtop, which my father said if I wanted it, then I would have to learn how to work on it all by myself, so I did. I had WiseQuacker from 1971 until 1983 when he was murdered in Las Vegas, Nv by an errant driver making an illegal left-hand turn in front of him. A collage of him is attached.

My most recent, and plan to be last VW, is a 1970 Bay, which I purchased in March 2013.  I named her Cikan Vuz, The Quaint Gypsy Wagon.  When I got her, her interior was pretty much just a rubber mat and wooden side panels.  There was a seat in her, but it was just for show and you could not sit on it.It took a few tries of doing her interior, but I finally found one I like and  I have given my Cikán Vůz, (which means Gypsy Wagon) a unique, one of a kind interior, themed after the interior of an old tyme gypsy wagon. I made the sink area out of an antique sewing chest, which has locking drawers, so no worries of them opening while on the road.. Behind the curtain between the drawers are two 6 gallon water containers; one for fresh water and the other for grey water.  I made the sink out of an antique copper bowl and installed a hand pump, so I have a working sink.

I was lucky to have met Rick (Richard “Riqs57” Lagewaald) of BusKits shortly before he passed away. and he made a Z-bed for her.  I found some faux tin ceiling paneling and used them in place of a headliner. I instead a galley-rail type of shelving all around the sides and across int he rear in place of the headbanger unit. I found an old Coleman cooler, the stand on it sides and works like an old icebox.  for cooking, I use a butane stove with an old Coleman oven or my camping stove. I gave 99% of her a fresh spray of paint, using Montana Black spray paints and lettered her mainly myself, though my son did help some too.  I enjoy taking her camping and to VW events and seeing/hearing the expressions of on-lookers as feedback, both good & bad is always interesting to hear.

Keep up with the adventures of Cikan Vuz here:


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Patty Smith 1971 Bay

Lulu is my 71 early bay LHD. She was brought in from Arizona as a total burnout. Much of the restoration was done by a local company and we have gradually got her just as we want. We use her all year round, although she has a cover for winter. We live in Poole by the coast so Lulu is a real beach babe.


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2 replies
  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Love the height of Cikan Vuz. Can you tell me what did you do to get that stance and what tires are you running? Do they rub at all and how does she ride?
    Thanks, Chris

    • Cikan Vuz
      Cikan Vuz says:

      Hi Chris. Thanks! When I purchased her, she was already “slammed” and had drop spindles on the front but here I live, it was just too low and would have ruined her underbelly quickly, so I had my friend (VW) Jeremy, in Hemet, rise her back up a tad for me. I also replaced the tires that were on her with ones a size bigger in the rear and two in the front than were on her so the tires on her now (in pic with rack and ladder) are size 195/70R14. They rub sometimes if I happen over a variance in the roadway at higher speeds, but not often. I replaced her shocks with KYB Gas-A-Just's and she rides a whole lot smoother now than when she first came into my possession. =])


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