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This mobile coffee bar has opened in Portland, OR USA. Our goal is to deliver quality espresso drinks made on site to local businesses in our VW. Hoping to get a fleet of 3 or 4 going in the city over the next few years, but starting small to work out the logistics and see if we can be successful. This one is named “Dotty.” We are trying to be completely local and sustainable in all of our products we use and work with companies that have the same business practices. Our overall goal is to eventually have 5 buses. Four in the city and one that we will pull a live in trailer behind to travel across the country in and spread cheer through VW's and coffee.

Our contact info is (503) 839-3675 or

Visit them on Facebook @

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    • The Coffee Bus
      The Coffee Bus says:

      Thanks!! It was a really fun build!! It's going great. Had a few minor setbacks to start, but things are really beginning to pick up. You can find us on Facebook under The Coffee Bus and follow our adventures.

  1. Mickey
    Mickey says:

    This is Awesome! I own a small double sided drive-thru only Coffee Shop in Ocean Springs Mississippi and I also have a Coffee Trailer. Getting out of the shop and getting to do a festival in the trailer is a lot of fun so I'm sure getting to do it in a VW Bus is even that much more enjoyable! You have an awesome setup and I hope you are successful!


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