Meet Daisy the Low Light Kombi

Meet Daisy. She is a 1972 Lowlight Kombi with a 1600 engine. She is registered to seat 5 people. Her interior is black and white and her horn goes mooooooo. Daisy has been loved by her current owner for two years. She lives on the far north coast of NSW Australia and is VERY popular with the locals and tourists visiting the popular holiday destination of Lennox Head.

Her past life is unclear but some of her years were spent with a VW Kombi enthusiast who was Treasurer of an Australian VW Kombi Club. It was while she was cared for by this owner that her ‘interesting’ personality was created. Some tarnished spots started to appear and had to be dealt with. Her snow white color was soon blemished with unsightly grey primer. It was at this point an image appeared to the prior owner and with paint brush in hand and a vivid imagination … Daisy was born.

That was approximately 9 years ago. Over this period she had changed hands  a couple of times until fate stepped in. It’s a bit of a story but has a wonderful twist of luck. Her current owner, Shaz Roberts, had been scouring web sites for a suitable Kombi she could afford to purchase when her brother mentioned he had a woman at work that was giving an old wreck Kombi away.

Opportunities like this don’t come up often so Shaz hired a trailer and set off on a two hour drive south full of excitement at the prospect of picking up her very own Kombi. Shaz didn’t care it was a wreck and needed rebuilding. She would finally OWN a Kombi and was eager to start resurrecting it from old to new with the help of friends. Something she had dreamed of for years.

Shaz arrived and viewed the Bus (it was rough but had potential), and didn’t hesitate to tell them she would take it and to load it onto the trailer. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and the owner wanted $1,500 for the wreck. IT WASN’T FREE. Shaz was gutted as she had no money to put toward the purchase of the vehicle at this point as she had to sell another vehicle first.

An extremely disappointed Shaz drove home in tears at being so close to a dream she had wanted but seemed so far out of reach once again. She called her brother and explained what had happened. He was very apologetic and sad for her as he felt responsible. Shaz, always the optimist, said, “It’s fine, something will come along. It wasn’t meant to be.”

Two days later her brother and sister-in-law phoned and asked what Shaz was doing. Yep, she was on a website searching Kombis for sale. They asked her to go to a web site and view an ‘interesting’ Kombi. There she appeared. Black and white, pink eyes and a smiley face. Shaz laughed and said, “Adorable but wow, a bit unusual”.

“What are you doing this week,” her brother asked?
“Working Shaz answered, Why?”
“You need to come pick your new Kombi up. I just bought the one you’re looking at for you,” he said.

Tears streamed down Shaz’s face. What an amazingly generous gesture from her brother. Her first thoughts after the initial shock of realising she was a Kombi owner was, I soooo have to repaint the Kombi. There’s no way I can drive it around looking like that.

Four of the longest days ever before an anxious Shaz ventured to Sydney to pick up her beloved, but bright, Kombi. It was love at first sight. The Kombi’s little face smiled, her lights beamed, her horn made a ‘MOO’ sound (seriously) and her tail wagged. Daisy was quickly chosen as the preferred name and the incredible bond began. Shaz drives Daisy every day and has done a few road trips in her.

It’s slow travelling in Daisy but, owning a Kombi is ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY!!!

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  1. Carmen
    Carmen says:

    Love your kombi. I have seen it several times at oldbar beach fest.. It really is one of my favourites… Loved reading your story. My kombi had cows on it once …years back. Yours is super cool..

    • Sharon Roberts
      Sharon Roberts says:

      Thanks Carmen, Daisy brings a lot of joy to my life and other people's. I am glad you like her too. Come say hi next time you're at Old Bar 😁.


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