Daniel Delmont – 1963 Double Cab

This is a 1963 Volkswagen double cab which was my second ever Volkswagen restoration project. I bought it from a gentleman in California who ended up being the biggest fraud I've ever had to deal with but it did not discourage me from dealing with the Volkswagen community. I was told that there was no rust in the frame and I basically just need a little bit of work and that he might even be able to get it running to get it shipped to me.

When it arrived much to my dismay there was actually no frame left I spoke to at least 20 professional restore and they said that it wasn't worth it. This challenge me even more I could understand if it was a regular bus but this was a double cab and they were becoming harder and harder to find five years later and $100,000 worth of materials not including my labor this is how she looks today

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Felix the Bus

Here is the story of a 1966 VW bus known as "Felix the Bus". After wanting a "hippie Van" for many years my friend Paul finds one in the front yard of a house in Albuquerque New Mexico. It is a 1966 VW bus. No motor and the transmission broken, it has been sitting there for 12 years being used as a storage unit. After coming to an agreement with the owners, we pull it out to the road and unload all the crap from inside it.


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