Felix the Bus 1966 Split Window

Here is the story of a 1966 VW bus known as “Felix the Bus”. After wanting a “hippie Van” for many years my friend Paul finds one in the front yard of a house in Albuquerque New Mexico. It is a 1966 VW bus. No motor and the transmission broken, it has been sitting there for 12 years being used as a storage unit. After coming to an agreement with the owners, we  pull it out to the road and unload all the crap from inside it. We find several parts along the way including the rear bumper and interior pieces. All 4 tires are flat with dry riot and the interior panels are rotten beyond repair. The front window has a lot of rust which let the rain in and so did the cab floor. But the dry weather in NM saved this bus from being completely rusted out. There were more missing parts from the bus than I could count. So bad the bus looked I almost left it there. After putting 2 new tires on it and re-inflating the others we pushed it onto a tow dolly and hauled it 380 miles back to Colorado. When I pulled in front of my house my kids came SCREAMING out  already in love with our new “hippie van”. They were so excited that they stayed in the bus almost 2 hours playing and named it Felix. It took 6 months and about $8000 dollars to get Felix on the road again.

New motor. transmission, all the electrical wiring, the whole brake system, rims, tires, shocks, lights (front and rear)  wiper motor, turn signal and about a thousand missing parts that took months to find on the internet that included door handles, window levers and God knows what else. The front windows and window frames have all been replaced and the floor in the cab also. But in the end it was all worth it. It still has a long way to go…it needs a full paint job and some more body work done.

As money comes available I continue to fix Felix. All along the way it has been great to sit behind the wheel, driving it down the road laughing. People waving, kids giving us the peace sign and music playing. Since I put Felix back on the road I have been in many local cars shows, parades, countless back road adventures, trips to the ice cream shop, family picnics and even a few photo shoots. I opened a YouTube and Facebook page so that people could follow along in his new adventures in life.  It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Thank you VW Bus Junkies for all the love and support you show ALL buses.

Love and Happiness! I love people…all people…but mostly kids. Ice cream, Picnics, Colorful stickers, music, road trips, hippies, rainbows, flowers, incense and my favorite..HUGS. I am a kid….at Heart.

I am also a member of PikePeak Vw Club: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1830150641

Felix the Bus: Born on February 25, 1966. A Split Window VW Bus that spreads the love and happiness with every mile we drive. He try's to find the beauty in everyone and everything and live life as it comes. This bus is NOT just for VW fans and the people who love them but for all who enjoy life and the places it takes you. We share all beautiful things here and enjoy all that nature has to offer. There is something beautiful to see everywhere you go and in the people you meet…just take the time to find it. So come along with Felix and enjoy the journey through life!


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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    Wow I love this article about Felix!! I know his owner for quite a long time and he takes such good care of Felix. Felix makes lots of friends all around the world thanks to Felix's looks and of course his owner!


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