Flemming Skou

Custom 1973 Single Cab

Greeting Bus Junkies! I bought the Single Cab VW pick-up in 2004, and did the restoration and design build with all the added custom details every year since then. You could say I got “infected” by the old air-cooleds and have made some good friends, and stuck with it ever since. This car was my first Classic car ever since I got this SC it has been destined to be a keeper. I also have another VW camper to feature someday soon 😀

Some of the pictures was taken by my good freind, Peter Loft, from ImageByLoft.com.

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Parker Sutton 67 Kombi

This is my 67 Kombi "trixie" part of the L31 army. I bought this bus about five years ago and just drove it everywhere I could. I finally decided that I would have it restored to make it safer as well as upgrade the stopping power and of course paint it all one color (L31).


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