Meet Florence the Ice Cream Hi Top

We bought “Florence” & she changed our lives!

Here is a little info about our wonderfully loved VW high roof Florence. We hoped Ice Cream would give us the work life balance we had worked so hard for ~ Working hard for 6 months in a beautiful van & the rest of the time enjoying renovating our chapel & camping in ‘Matilda our 1967 Canterbury Pitt (pictured with Florence). This seemed a life time away from passing each other on the motorway. Working 14 hr days and nights…

‘Florence’ was used daily in Berne from 1966 ~1977 before being sold to a private Swiss buyer who used her for camping. ‘Florence’ moved to Hungary in 1992 and was used as a camper and a ‘rock band’ van. It is in Budapest where our story begins ~ The poor condition of ‘Florence’ was expected and a full restoration programme was undertaken. We were very conscious about keeping ‘Florence’ as original as possible, great care and attention was taken when restoring her original parts. We introduced a new hatch which was based on an original design…….a contentious but crucial part of the restoration.

Between 1962 ~1967 the Swiss postal service bought 350 VW high tops, ‘Florence’ was one of these, her number was P18647.

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