The Foxon Journey

The Foxon Bus first came to England in 2008 from the United States. We purchased it in 2009 from a guy up north, and knowing it needed some work done to it,  we could see the bus had a lot of potential. We ran it around the whole weekend for fun and to get used to it,  but the more we drove it, the more it became apparent that it needed a lot more work done to it…hehe.  Things were falling off it left and right, cracks started appearing, and the interior was falling to bits.

So we decided to take on a full restoration, and this is where the journey begins

We first started at the basics to source people to do the resto and the work needed, then it was sent off to be fully sand blasted which revealed a multitude of horrors, but we were in for the long haul so pushed forward with what was needed and let the restoration begin. We did a bit of research and realized it was originally dove blue so we decided to take it back to its original colour and with keeping the traditional Foxon Park logos, signwriting etc.

We replaced a lot of new panels, so she is structurally solid, painted in L31 dove blue, engine was built by a guy called laurie petit which is a 1776 with twin ICT 34 carbs. Once the resto had been completed and the traditional hand writing re done back on, we still thought it needed something extra, and this is where Rayvern hydraulics comes in who fitted hydraulic suspension (tubbed and notched all around). And the journey doesn't stop there, decided to send it back to rayvern in the next couple of weeks for a whole new interior to be done, going for the more vintage classic cleaner lines inside. The list of new parts and things we’ve had done to it is endless…the Foxon bus even made the cover of the February 2015 issue of VolksWorld magazine.

Foxon Park Bus

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