1969 Low Light Bay Deluxe Owned By Gary Pearce

It's a 69 delta green sunroof deluxe sure is a looker! It has kept it's all original paint apart from front tubs. The bus is super solid and just starting to show signs of primer under some edges(below front screen etc). It was originally from lakeside California still have the title of previous owner from 8 years ago.

The Goods…

It's had 4″ narrowed adjustable beam,dropped spindles,rear adjustable spring plates, chassis notched front and rear,front tubs(homemade).sunroof is in excellent condition and works a treat. Gary added the wide 5 cosmics with 165/50 front and 195/65 rear tires. The previous owner bought it from Kieft n Klok 8 years ago and hardly drove it, so Gary swapped him his T5 for it last Jan. Good call Gary! 😉

Show Stopper!

Gary didn't do many shows last year but what shows he did go to were alive and vee-dubbin. He won best of show out of 209 entrants, best T2 at lifestyles festival, and went to action and approached by camper n bus mag for feature which should be out soon. Dude, totally love it! You have one stunning ride there Gary!

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**Photo Credits to David Garrett Photography

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