Gigi The Volkswagen Bus

Gigi the VW bus is a 1962 Double Door camper. Originally a panel bus, Gigi was later converted to a camper bus by Riviera Campers. In 2008, the Pacifico Beer Company, bought 20 VW buses to be painted, and used for the company, Gigi is one of them.

Gigi’s History

Gigi was originally yellow and had different scenes, such as a mariachi chicken band, she was a work of art. Unfortunately, a couple years after Gigi was sadly tagged on Haight Street in San Francisco California thus Gigi had to be repainted. This was an opportunity to be painted a new style of a beer that just became available In the US, Victoria Beer.

Sadly just days after the fresh new paint job, Gigi was in a car accident that left her door hinges in bad condition. The beer company decided that this vehicle would be too much of a struggle and decided to let her go. Gigi was then purchased by us where she lives a happy life cruising the highway. Gigi will always be special to us.


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Kombi Rocks Diner

Singapore’s not known for anything historical since we have such a short history compared to Europe or anywhere else. It’s pathetic when it comes to motoring history too, although we did have a VW dealership based in Singapore in 50-70's called Champion Motors.


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  1. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    I sold my 62 Double Door to Pacifico Beer Company through a advertising company called Monster. They named it Gigi? Needed to sell it to pay for restoration on my 63 VW Single Cab. The 62 had missed matched front tires I would go into the garage and it would look like Gigi? was leaning into the Single Cab, I never should have broken them up! Always ment to get rid of the Feiro front seats. Bummer she's been in a crash. Let me know if you ever want to sell? Regards Kurt

  2. Ken
    Ken says:

    I HAVE A 66 Riviera pop-top. It is really cool to see how asi/ riviera treated a double door. Awesome van-thank, Ken


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