James Van Scooters Gingher a 1976 Bay Window Vista Camper

We so love the Vista campers with their high roof, and well appointed interiors. This one is well loved by James Van Scooter. Here is James story, we love family buses. This is an all original (except the curtains). Recently James had the engine rebuilt, with the help of a couple of people from the Nor Cal Bay's VW group. She should be ready for some “Bus Trippin”!  Her name is “Gingher”…She's white , with patina freckles. ..lol

Manufactured in October 75, year first sold 76, she's a smogger, but an Awesome bus! This Bus was originally owned by my  Grandfather and Grandmother. …They purchased the Bus brand new in 1976. They drove  this bus numerous times to and from New York, Rochester.

I acquired the bus in 2012. I have replaced the brakes, pads and drums, new shocks, rebuilt the  top end of the motor, made the curtains, …I plan on driving it on camping trips,  VW venues, etc….Im gunna replace the front seat guts, and reupholster the back seats with original fabric, (the original fabric is old and brittle) , … My wife and I had a reservation @ a campground in Santa Cruz,  but we only made it to san leandro before having to turn around and head back….that was before the engine rebuild….

Before that the last time we left Santa Cruz we broke down on Cabrillo highway , up a mountain and around a corner. we got towed back to Sacramento , that took around 9 hours ! So a trip back to Santa Cruz is in the near future ! I just drove it to lake Comanche this last weekend,  no problems,  so ima keep on putting on the miles til she is convinced that all the bugs are worked out !

I told her, it's not a “trip”, but an Adventure !  But yeah,  I plan on keeping the Bus forever , and keeping it in my family  and using it for what she was made for ! Pure enjoyment ! I can get in that Bus, and drive down the road , and it never fails to put a smile on  face….The thing I like most about my bus is the high top…im a tall guy, @ 6'4…I can get in there and stand up no problem,  its like a rolling motel room ! If your at the beach and the fog rolls in with a breeze of the ocean, it is nothing to get in the bus and put on warmer clothing,…which BTW is a huge plus factor to my wife!

The other part that I love is the VW community! What a great bunch of people,  if it weren't for some club members of Nor Cal Bay's,  id still be wondering what to do with it, where to take it, and probably thousands of dollars  to have it where she's @ today ! My first 3 vehicles were VW bugs, I ALWAYS loved my grandparents bus that sat in there driveway under a carport since around 83…the bus had 86000 original miles, its now @ 89500…with so much  more to go ! The excitement that my 5 year old gets outta riding in it and camping in it is priceless! Looks like James is putting Gingher to good use, and is enjoying every moment!

Thanks for the share James, we love the Bus Junkies stickers too! 😉 Keep Cruzin'

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