Graham Page’s Piggy Panel

The Piggy Panel was owned by Lems BBQ Shop in Chicago as their daily hack until they sold it in 1975.  It was bought by a guy to use as storage behind his workshop in the woods. Sadly he fell ill & it was left alone to rust away. Fast forward to 2013,,, the van was found by Jeff Dutton, who negotiated a deal with the owner, who oddly worked with Jeffs Dad back in the day. Jeff then dragged the van from the woods & then promptly passed it on to the talented hands of Hank Young (www.youngchoppers.com).

Hang began the task of putting life back into Piggy cutting out the rust & but also maintaining as much of the original paint as possible. Once the restoration was complete Hank ran the Panel around generally & for moving his various projects about. In early 2015 Hank put Piggy out to market. It was Sunday, & I received a message from a friend that simply read “I think you should buy this” & a link to the advert. I was keen to have it…very keen. The patina & stances ticked all the boxes!
I'm not keen on email to negotiate buying a vehicle, so I sent Hank a simple email, I wanted it but I'd rather chat on the phone. I called Hank a few days later & knew from speaking to him that he had a passion for his work & put any concerns I had of buying blind to rest. The deal was done & the van crossed the North Atlantic a few weeks later.
It's been to a few UK shows & generated a lot of interest, it's also collected a few awards, which I think is testimony to Hank's work. This year Lian (my Wife) & I will be taking piggy on its first trip back to mainland Europe, since being built, to Ninove  in Belgium.
piggy panel large

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