Vicki the Kombi Keg WA

We’re excited to tell you all about the beauty that is Vicky. Originally from Victoria (hence her name), Vicky has become a very special part of Kombi Keg WA. When we first saw Vicky, we instantly fell in love with this seemingly unloved, uncared for VW. The 1974 Camper, originally cornflower blue, had been sat on the drive of a friend’s house. She had been used but unfortunately, not for her intended purpose; she had been carrying wood from the paddock back up to the house!

Of course, this didn’t seem like a fitting job for such a special vehicle and so, we rescued her! Work commenced on getting her back to looking and sounding great again. She was renovated in every sense of the word – she had a full makeover in terms of her colour (she’s now a gorgeous aqua blue) and she had lots of body work done too. A few tweaks of the engine. After some time, our little Vicky was almost ready for her new role.

She embarked on a staggering 2 week journey to sunny Perth to her new and happy home and where she’ll be the centre of all great parties in WA. Her journey took a long 2 weeks but it was all worth it when she got here! She’s now working with Kombi Keg WA and is hired out to serve drinks at parties, celebrations and special occasions across Western Australia.

Offering a variety of packages to suit event organisers, she’s available to those holding their parties on private property (licensing laws dictate this). We can supply staff and drinks if it’s preferred but are more than happy to help set up home brew too! And the great news – the drinks served from the taps don’t have to be beer; almost any drink can be hooked up including water, soft drinks and fruit juices too. We’re absolutely loving being able to share Vicky with the rest of WA and love the community that Bus Junkies creates too!

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Grand Trunk Hammock

"Goods For The Road", that is the moto for Grand Trunk, and it totally makes sense.Their products ARE the goods! We had the chance to test out our new Hammock "Skeeter Beeter Pro" camo hammock on a camping trip a few weeks ago. We love trying out new goods... Reason for Camo? Why not blend in with the campsite instead of being an eye sore!

The High Nelly Co.

Hi Guys here is our family daily bay & business buy. It was a micro bus when I bought & it’s a genuine Irish bus with the old cardboard brown log book. The reasons for buying it are two fold, one the life ambition most people alive have to own a VW camper like this & the other it fits in fantastically with our family business which is refurbishing & making retro & vintage bicycles.


Original Stickers and More!

We create all of our own sticker graphics & artwork. With many unique OG Bus Junkies designs for bus life and lifestyle stickers, we will definitely have something for everyone to choose from.

T-shirts, Hats or Other Apparel

Grab One of Our Awesome Original designs today! Click the link below to see the huge selection in our t-shirt shop. Use Coupon Code: “BusLife” & save 10% off ANY of our custom apparel until August 31st.

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