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Singapore’s not known for anything historical since we have such a short history compared to Europe or anywhere else. It’s pathetic when it comes to motoring history too, although we did have a VW dealership based in Singapore in 50-70's called Champion Motors. We have just maybe under 20 of these buses left here too, as we have a COE system that kills off all commercial goods vehicles every 10 years and private vehicles pay a large sum of money to be allowed to remain on the road every 10 years too. THANKS SO MUCH.

About Kombi Rocks:

We are autoheads of vintage automobiles. We believe that all wheels are made to be appreciated, some more than others. We rescue old motor vehicles and give them a new lease of life. With the help of Kombi Rocks Diner and hiring out the vehicles for events and photoshoots, we fund the rescue, restoration and constant upkeep of the vehicles. We welcome your support of this cause too!

Pics courtesy of: One Sweet Affair Production

Contact Details:

Tel: +65 90086918 E: party@kombirocks.com
www.KombiRocks.com | FaceBook.com/KombiRocks | Twitter & Instagram @ kombirocks
Kombi Rocks Diner by Koon Kee Restaurant
66 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545568


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Brian Thompson 58 Splitty

The grey bus is when I got the bus from California about 12 years ago, it is a bit different now it has been lowered on dropped spindles. 4" narrowed Slamwerks beam it's been tubbed and chassis notched. Also straight axle at the back with type 3 box and type 3 rear brakes.

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