Bus Trippers are at it again!

Also known as the Mother Road, Route 66 stretches on for about 2500 miles from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA, and it looks as if we’ll be trippin’ on it very soon! We will be leaving CA solo somewhere around Oct 1, 2014, and take a somewhat northern route (yet undetermined) out to Chicago. I’ll pre-run a few parts of Route 66 on my way out there, but we’ll mostly keep the adventure of discovery and we’ll leave Chicago on the 11th of Oct, make our way westward, in an effort eventually end up in Las Vegas for Bugorama on the 18th.

We hope to meet as many VW clubs, friends, and fellow bus trippers along the route! We definitely want to travel as much of the remaining Route 66 as possible and limit our time on the interstate, which may put us in some obscure places. That’s the adventure! Come cruise with us! If you live along the route, send us a message on our Facebook page, we’d love to meet you! We’d also like to have a sendoff gathering in Chicago, so start rounding up the VW troops!

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