Sander Mulder The Amsecador

There are a lot of vw camper conversions out there and most of you know about the westfalia ones. I wanted to talk to you about a little less known one: The Amescador. Back in 1967 2 guys working at AMES CAmpers DORdrecht (that's where the names comes from) in Holland wanted to build their own camper, so they sat down and started designing. The one thing they didn't like about the existing campers was that you always had to remove the seating area in order to create a place to sleep. That's why they built the rear tent. This way you could use the seating area and when you wanted to go to bed, you'd just crawl over the couch and go to sleep

Besides the tent on the rear the awning is also a little bit different. Instead of pinning it in the ground you put the sticks in little holes that are factory drilled in the bumpers. You could basically drive off with the tent and awning set up if you wanted. There is a foundation in Holland that registers all the existing Amescador's and plans meetings that is run by the grandson of the inventor: Jack Scheffel. He is really committed and wants to help everyone get their Amescador in the best shape possible.

In total roughly 800 of these were made by 1984 for all aircooled vw vans and a few types of watercooled. Everywhere you go and put the rear tent on people will come and ask what the hell you are putting on the back of that van. It gives you some extra space for your legs if you still put the bed down like you would without the tent or you have bunch of extra storage space.

Nowadays it's hard to find one but you can buy all the parts you need(except the interior) to make your own Amescador online. In the Amescador register there are roughly 90 campers so you could say we are a rare breed.  They can be identified by the rails on the back(where you inser the side of tent) and the holes in the bumper on the sliding door side. Some have the logo on the doors but not many do.

We love our unique orange monster and hope you enjoyed our story.

Thank you,
Sander Mulder


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2 replies
  1. Arjan
    Arjan says:

    Realy great to read this. We drive a amescador from 74 but we never talk about THE van but call hem always Ames.
    Lovely to sleep at the back of the van, uitvis very narrow but whatever it is holiday. And if you sleep loud you can sleep in the roof there are also 2 beds.

  2. Claire Thomas
    Claire Thomas says:

    Hi, just stumbled upon this and just wanted to say that the bright green one was my old bus! great seeing my photo again x loved that bus x


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