Christian Riera’s Slammed Panel

Hi, followed up on your panel bus theme week with some of my own photos and a brief story. Bought my bus about 16 yrs ago. Original paint, 6000 km on the speedo with dealer key-chain and sticker still there 🙂 Bus has had some changes over the years…I did about 120000 kms. on it, dozen of trips to the UK, alps and Spain and work. You might say i use it. Of course the height is changed! In the beginning I lowered it more and more every season, now it's been on air for the last couple of years.  Latest work on it is the right sill and sum more stuff, last week new shop sign painting…more painting to be done soon. Could you work with this?


Slammed Panel Mechanics

  • 1300 single port with baby dells
  • Side winder exhaust with custom muffler
  • Dropped spindles and 2″narrowed beam
  • Type 3 swing axle gearbox with prototype straight axle conversion
  • Front and rear accuair E level air management
  • OG bus rims, 145-45-15 front 195-50-15 rear
  • CSP front brakes , late bug rear drums
  • Spindles, beam, S/A conversion, air brackets, muffler all SlammedPanel made 🙂

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