The Blue Turd Owned By Nick Guevara

1971 vw bus blue turd

Growing up VW

I’ve always had a thing for Volkswagens, bugs at first I think mainly due to my mom watching the classic Herbie the love bug movies when I was growing up. In 2008 I had the chance to purchase my first VW off of a longtime friend of mine. It was a 67 bug, since then I’ve been hooked.

A Close Call

On July 4th 2010 I was in a serious life threatening accident in my second 67 bug I owned and was in a medically induced coma and life support for a little over 2 weeks with extensive injuries some of which left me with permanent disabilities. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to drive a stick again. People were trying to get me away from Volkswagens after that had happened. But for whatever reason that bug kept me alive. While I was in the hospital my brother bought me a bug to fix up but shortly after that I had the chance to trade it up so I did.

Then a Couple Years Later

I was looking for a bug again after I sold my last one then started looking at split buses. Though I wasn’t even close to being able to afford one I was still hoping. So I put a “want ad” up just to see what would happen and an owner of a 71 bay window contacted me and I saw it was lowered and got curious and contacted the owner back right away. He initially wanted more than I can afford so after a few emails I left it alone. A few days later I went to test drive another bug and the next day after that the owner of the bay window contacted me saying “The motor gave out, it threw a rod.” gave me a discounted price and I got it the next night from the Santa Cruz hills in a small town called Felton. It came with all original paper work and warranty maintenance receipts from the original owner from 71 even have the original window sticker.

1971 sLOWered Bay Window

I gave it the “Blue Turd” name for all its dings/dents, its perfect imperfections. Apply named for all the s**t it’s given me in the last 2 years.  After all it’s thrown at me I’m still proud to call it mine. So anyways I had a crusty 1600cc motor and me and a friend put it in and it’s been my daily driver ever since. I’ve owned it 2 years now and did a rebuild march 2014. It’s now a 1641cc dual port, with dual 40 Kadrons, Engle 110 camshaft, CB Performance pulleys and alternator stand mounted breather box, and j-tubes to an Empi merged header to a custom glass pack exhaust I fabricated myself. It’s a fuel injected block so it has an electric fuel pump to kinda clean up the clutter a little.

The interior is pretty nonexistent as far as panels and headliner goes.

It has a 2/3 seat that’s been recovered, non walk through, Empi trigger shifter, has a camper z-bed (the 4th one produced in 1969), and has a camper table. It’s filled with accessories from the windshield visor, fog lights, roof mounted spotlight, bamboo parcel tray under dash, steering wheel knob, custom roof rack using vintage rack clamps, an Allstate swamp cooler, down to the bottle opener mounted to the exterior of the body.

When I purchased the bus it also came with a 1956 single wheel Allstate trailer with the original mounting brackets that fasten around the bumper. It had a hand painted VW/peace logo on the nose and I had pin-striping added to it as well as a little on the driver/pass doors and the rear hatch and deck lid, done by Ed “Words” pin-striping. It has a 4 ” narrowed adjustable beam from WagensWest, in the rear it has a custom made adapter plates much like Empi horseshoe or boomerang plates that put the axles above the swing plates and gives it about a 3.5” drop. Front tire size is 175/60 and the rears are 185/70 on the 14” stock steel rims.

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  1. Leon
    Leon says:

    Had a 1970 T2A in 1976 and 1977. Toured through Europe and Northern Africa and teh van was my home for over six months. Did some 35.000 kilometers and visited 17 countries. Still cherish the memories. One of the best times of my life (so far).


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