High Nelly Owned By Marty Mannering & Family

Hi Guys here is our family daily bay & business buy. It was a micro bus when I bought & it’s a genuine Irish bus with the old cardboard brown log book.  The reasons for buying it are two fold, one the life ambition most people alive have to own a VW camper like this & the other it fits in fantastically with our family business which is refurbishing & making retro & vintage bicycles.

I love the shows I go too throughout the summer, I get to take the van, sleep over in it, cook in it & display my vintages bicycles all at the same time. Lots of people like the van more than my bikes but that’s ok I understand fully.

I did the internal refurb myself, mostly from B&Q & an interior off eBay that someone was off loading. Took me all of one weekend for the bulk of the work & a local guy did the wrap.  I sold my car to buy it so it’s a daily school run bus as well as the shopping bus & the holiday camper but we all love it.

I started the business ten years ago with my son Paul who now runs the technical side of things whilst I get stuck into the restorations & more recently building my own design of a vintage bicycle “The Irish Rover” which I took to Dragons Den last year & won an investment of €60,000k & opened a dealership in the US within a few weeks.

We are the first people in 40 years to build bikes in Ireland & we love every minute of it, when we launched in the US we managed to give the first one we built to President Obama & the majority of the hand built bikes we do are for the overseas market.  Our bus “Seamus” serves us very well & has hardly ever given trouble although I am always expecting him too but he just keeps on giving.

If you’re in Ireland at a show please say hello & do ask for a cupper…the kettle is always on. Our business site is www.highnelly.ie a HighNelly bicycle is term used in Ireland for a vintage bicycle if anyone is wondering where it came from. We also have an ice cream tricycle we built that Seamus drags along to shows, his talents are endless.

Marty Mannering & Family

Eyon, Cappamore, Co Limerick, Ireland.
00 353 (0)61 381427
00 353 (0)86 3967448
www.IEBA.ie     (Irish Electric Bike Association)


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