Timeless Company 1978 Late Bay

Hello dear Bus Junkies crew! I'm Mark Mouton from Belgium, a bus junkie from Europe! We spoke via facebook about the fan ride submission,well, here it is. It includes some pictures, and a second email with the rest of the pictures. I'm Mark Mouton, living in Ghent, Belgium (Europe) Since i was little i always liked cars, and in particular older cars. My first classic car was… a '71 beetle. I worked on it, and drove with it as

much as possible! During the years i sold and bought a few beetles. But i always dreamed about a bus! A split bus would be great, a bay window as well! A few years I was ‘air-cooled less' and had a Oldsmobile V6 engine and a kit car roadster, but I fell in love again with another '71 rat look beetle, it became my ‘Rust-eze' beetle, i modified it, slammed it  and worked on it and did meetings again. But I always kept looking at my friend Pieter his beautiful early bay window bus. So I put my Rusteze up for sale and started looking for a bay window project bus! My beetle was sold within 3 days and in the mean time i found my bus in The Netherlands. It was the end of March 2014 as my bus, a '78 late bay window model arrived in my garage.

It was a started project that wasn't finished, So i started right away to inspect the bus and to collect the parts. The bus was already painted in twotone orange/white theme, orange on the bottom and white on top, but also orange on the roof, that's not so common but it is cool! The inside was not yet painted, it had no windows, no backdoor, no drivers door and no interior. So i started to sand the complete inside of the bus and gave it a ivory color. I found a donor door and back door, i prepared them for the paint shop.

Meanwhile i also found all the glass for the windows and installed them. Because the bus was a not finished project, i had to find out what all was replaced and what not. the brakes were still all original so i replaced the front disc brakes by new ones,all ball joints and new rubbers where needed. Meanwhile i pulled out the engine and a Pro rebuild the engine like new! So far the outside of the bus was again like new! New glass, new rubbers,new brakes, new brake lines,rebuilt engine,new tires….

Meanwhile my lovely wife Neuza had a plan for the interior… she wanted matching colors! I made a custom interior, placed a rock n roll frame, a cool fifties style floor and matching curtains and fold-able table, all handmade.

Meanwhile my Canadian friends of The Timeless Company shipped over some great looking vintage style decals for my side doors! So after i put them on, The Timeless Company Bay was born! It was already the begin of September 2014 and in the end she was ready for her tech inspection! She passed and now was street legal! I was so happy, because now i could take my family out in the bus, my wife and my 3 little boys.

The same week of tech inspection we already did our first car meeting with the bus, it was at Rockabilly Day, one of the biggest classic car meetings in Belgium. We had a wonderful time, and everybody was so enthusiastic about our bus! Meeting season was almost at the end but we still had some cool meeting to go!

The next weekend, there was another meeting coming up, Retro-event, we went with the bus and we took our very first prize with the bus: best of show! That was so amazing, it felt so good after all that hard work my wife Neuza,  friend Pieter and I did. In Belgium, the Indian summer started so we kept on driving the bus as much as we could. Together with my friend Pieter and his blue early bay. Last meeting of the season, A Halloween themed drive, we took our second prize with the bus, again Best of show…We could not believe, it was never my intentions to make a show bus, i just wanted to enjoy the resto and then taking the bus out for cruising along the roads…

So far so well, winter time is coming now, so we keep on working at the interior and stuff. Already making plans for the upcoming season,,,,, we want to take the bus international, going to the Netherlands, France, going to Volksworld and Busfest in the UK… a lot of plans,, we gonna use our Timeless Company Bay for what it was build…. to drive and to give us freedom….

Thanks in advance.

Air Cooled greetz

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  1. Phil 'Froggy' Gloriant
    Phil 'Froggy' Gloriant says:

    Hello Mark , Neuza and boys ! to the BusJunkies followers , i met Mark some weeks ago , but we wrote since last year on this fabulous thing named Internet !! i confirm his ( her ? ) Timeless compagny bus and owner is a well known camper , specially about this colour scheme so ..shinny !! and also since Mark have a nice ‘ viking ‘ beard 😛 This is really a very nice Kamper spirit Family and i'm very pround and happy to know them 🙂 that's give me idea to present my aircooled past and present life , and planning futures road trips ….maybe with friends !!
    best regardz.
    Phil , bus lover since 1989 , 76 westy and 70 beetle . ( ps = Mark , i didn't know Rusteze was your beetle ! )


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